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1187 Predeceased (2019-11-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “That’s an imporʔanʔ mounʔain!” (1:11:20)
0:00:33Beto O’Rourke drops out of race after milking campaign funds for an extra couple months
0:02:05ACC in Amsterdam to celebrate 100 years of radio, United Airlines “premium economy” windowless exit seat, TSA Pre✓ with expired Global Entry card, the benefits of airport hotels
0:07:59The Guardian style guide drops polar bears and adopts propagandistic photos of human suffering, new “global heating”, “science that … our journalists are interpreting”
0:16:43Trump reacts comedically to “that poor bastard” Beto O’Rourke dropping out of race
0:22:02Elizabeth Warren rolls out $52T Medicare for all plan with promise not to raise taxes on undefined middle class, JCD explains “bracket creep” since 1971; Joe Biden to Judy Woodruff: “look!” impeachment inquiry should include Mueller Report; House resolution establishes Lawfare Institute lawyers as Adam Schiff minions; Biden repeats “vital military aid” meme
0:36:52George Webb video on State Department Iran Contra style gun running scam in Ukraine; Biden makes sketchy claim about election meddling in George Washington’s farewell address; “what is he on??” iso; overmodulated Biden promises to support 1973 Paris Peace Accord
0:46:33Trevor Noah to surgery-mangled Hillary Clinton: “how did you kill Jeffrey Epstein?”, Chelsea pipes up with “what if she murdered two?” story; former Navy SEAL dog expert ends Fox News interview with “and Epstein didn’t kill himself”; Biden’s Realistic brand audio gear
0:54:25ACC irked by Pelosi’s distorted US flag; Hunter Biden’s wife talks to Good Morning America
1:00:12ACC takes issue with note from linguistics professor on T-drop phenomenon, “language is major tool of power internationally”, ACC: “speaking English is racist!”
1:16:36Producer Segment: JCD Chinese visa “manager” travel tip; Kid Stays in the Picture
1:41:48ACC replaces Ring doorbell with $49 Yale device, Ring Halloween native ad blitz
1:44:39Incoherent report from ABC’s Stephanie Ramos on unnamed new ISIS leader: US forces in Syria “will be used to deny ISIS access to fuel… terrorism”
1:48:46Boris Johnson backs off on Brexit; NHS staff facing racism since “Brexit is having an impact”
1:56:10All-male rioters waving black and white flags in Islamabad demanding PM Imran Khan resign; daily hand grenade explosions in Sweden; half of Brussels residents carrying defensive weapons
2:00:29Vape Wars: Michael Bloomberg funding anti-Juul ads, new nicotine tax bill
2:02:33No outrage over 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo flirting with reporter Erin Andrews; Iliza Shlesinger “being sexually harassed by an ugly guy is the worst!” revisited
2:05:45Herd of goats saves Ronald Reagan Library from wildfires; Jane Fonda: California becoming “too dangerous to inhabit”, “people in San Francisco Bay are having to wear masks” lie, gratuitous bile for Trump, “today we’re focusing on women and climate change”; San Jose exploring microgrids using “solar and fuel cells”; PG&E CEO’s “let them eat cake” interview
2:18:49Elizabeth Warren’s “super-duper enforcement”; Harvey Weinstein accosted at Manhattan club
2:25:20Dogs Are People Too: obituary for “father of four-legged children … who predeceased him”
2:26:30Donation Segment: Gitmo Nation National Anthem at Boston meetup
2:42:02African swine fever “pig plague” potentially wiping out 25% of pigs worldwide
2:42:52DEA hunting Mexican drug lord “El Mencho”; Mexico releases El Chapo’s son Ovidio Guzmán
2:50:07Former Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin: “thank God for the deep state”, commitment to truth “engraved in marble in the lobby”, Fitbit-wearing John Brennan on Trump vs “the deep state people” acting “in the trenches here” illegally
2:58:54ACC affected by under-discussed Network Solutions security breach