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1186 Bag Daddy (2019-10-31)

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0:00:00ACC: “Aagh, I have no time to rest and watch something!” (2:36:08)
0:00:37Historic and embarrassing World Series; Logitech’s superior USB mouse dongles
0:04:37House of Representatives voting on whether or not to vote on articles of impeachment, Nancy Pelosi on “very prayerful person” Rep. Al Green’s push for racism as part of articles: “we’ll deal with that on the floor”, JCD: “somebody should clean up the place”; Green’s “if we don’t impeach this President, he will get reelected” revisited; Obama’s 2008 “my Muslim faith”
0:10:35Obama speaks out against “used the wrong verb” cancel culture activism, “watch Grown-ish
0:14:20Fake Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi buried at sea just like fake Osama bin Laden, grainy-filtered video of bin Laden compound clone; Trump “Bag Daddy” rap; annoying musical bed for ABC “crawled into a hole with two small children and blew himself up” in Gaddafi callback; right-wing State Department e-mails meme; Washington Post scrambles to change “austere religious scholar” headline; oft-killed “Marlboro Man” Mokhtar Belmokhtar and ISIS “London studios”
0:27:11Al Sharpton “Al Baghdaggi, Baghdagdi … Al Baghdagdi, Baghdadi” gaffes; Obama photographer Pete Souza the sore loser; Photoshopped Medal of Honor for Conan the dog
0:31:31New questions about ellipses in Zelensky call transcript; Bill Clinton: “she may or may not ever run for something”, JCD speculates Hillary may skip a couple primaries; Tom Steyer trying to take credit for impeachment; Twitter’s ill-advised political ad ban
0:37:54“Today’s the day!” for Brexit; Boris Johnson bids farewell to Speaker John Bercow who has “done more than anyone since Stephen Hawking to stretch time in this session”; Dutch building industry brought to a halt by “nitrogen crisis”; ACC heading to Netherlands to celebrate 100 years of radio; German farmers suing government for not stopping climate change
0:49:21New exit strategy: “we are the new South Park” with Animated No Agenda; Kevin Smith advocating for appearance by ACC on The Joe Rogan Experience
1:01:38Producer Segment:; 10 TB of accumulated data at
1:20:55Amazing Polly speculates about Impossible Burger hemoglobin and then tracks down Impossible Foods Silicon Valley headquarters located across the street from Planned Parenthood
1:27:07JCD cut off twice while discussing producer note on California wildfires and PG&E vs corrupt California regulators standing in the way of rural branch removal, “classic mafia bust-out scam”; Democracy Now on prisoners fighting fires caused by climate change for $1 per hour, University of California Prof. Leah Stokes,: “there is research that says that fires have gotten 500% more risky”, Gavin Newsom: “we have actually had a below-average fire season to date”
1:48:22Vape Wars: former executive Siddharth Breja files suit alleging Juul shipped one million cartridges contaminated, ACC predicts big Trump win in tobacco states
1:55:51Lebanese PM Saad Hariri resigns; 2017 clip on Hariri being kidnapped by Saudi Arabia
2:01:43ABC News millennial “San Diego Mounʔains”, “imporʔanʔ” from alleged “voice coach”; Penn Jillette on the challenges of making his show gender-neutral
2:07:44Donation Segment
2:24:12Austin Mayor Steve Adler whines about TexDOT clearing overpass camps making the homeless harder to locate; Circuit of the Americas offering temporary jobs to “people experiencing homelessness” in their homes at Community First! Village; inflatable tennis court bouncy castles for the homeless, former homeless resource officer vs douchebag Ann Kitchen
2:35:18Netflix introduces 1.25x and 1.5x viewing speed options; Google buying Fitbit
2:38:03Evanston Illinois school cancels Halloween, JCD: “this is because of some Muslim complainers”