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1182 Coupon Clipping (2019-10-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh, new phone! Let’s unbox it!” (2:03:16)
0:00:38Jean-Claude Juncker announces “ve haff a deal” and hollers to conclude he is “sad about Bwexit”; Queen Elizabeth II opens Parliament with enumeration of “my government’s” tasks
0:09:04Media sure to blame Trump for Elijah Cummings’ death; promo
0:12:19“Distinguished leaders” Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Steny Hoyer gripe about Kurdish children killed in Syria after meeting with Trump, “no real plan for containing ISIS”; Syrian blogger on Assyrian Christians vs nomadic Kurds; Trump calls out ABC for bogus footage from a Kentucky machine gun shoot; Schumer whines “he was insulting!” to Pelosi
0:25:20QAnon-style conspiracy theory about Pelosi’s orange bullet bracelet
0:27:33CFR’s Steven Cook on Russia as “force for stability” in Syria; Sen. Bob Menendez to Anderson Pooper on “belligerent” Trump in meeting with “third-rate politician” Pelosi
0:33:56Democrat debate “look!” and “right?” keyword counts; “impeach” compilation; Tulsi Gabbard calls out M5M for pushing “regime change war” and smearing her as Russian asset, “wouldn’t you agree” for Warren; Andrew Yang: “there’s a reason why no one is using Bing today”
0:49:05Biden lies about George Washington agonizing over foreign election interference; Pooper: “President Trump has falsely accused your son of doing something wrong”; Kamala Harris’ “shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue” lie; Biden promises to raise capital gains tax on people “clipping coupons in the stock market”; Harris: Trump “selling out our democracy” to Ukraine
1:01:49Beto O’Rourke makes an ass of himself asserting Americans will happily turn in their AR-15s; Gabbard and Buttigieg at odds over Syria; Biden mocks Warren with “you did a hell of a job in your job”; Bernie Sanders’ medical marijuana joke, swipe at the “billionaire class”
1:14:26Dutch ruling class rolls out the military in response to pitchforks and tractors
1:15:56Producer Segment: Biden “this is shameful!” iso
1:29:02Chance the Rapper and Cardi B to expediTIously podcast on “Electorial College”, “there’s a lot of country bumpkin-ass men that do be voting”, Trump “want to take away Medicares”
1:38:56Democracy Now: Mexican Senate to introduce marijuana legalization legislation; Mohawk hunger strike in Canada over land dispute; Obama endorses Justin Trudeau on Twitter
1:42:39Amy Goodman’s Show 1181 “Poop Buttigieg”; “No Agenda tranny” explains plight of black trans women; chemistry origin of cis-; ACC mea culpa for claiming Sandra Bullock for Austin
1:50:41Douchebag LeBron James sides with China and throws Daryl Morey under the bus
1:54:15British police chief stresses importance of International Pronouns Day; Steve Pieczenik attributes ACC’s Tourette’s to repressed trauma
1:57:32ACC OTG: ACC “break up with big tech”, Chrome killing uBlock Origin, Google’s Rick Osterloh: spy device owners should disclose them to guests, ACC: “hey Google, look up some butt porn”, Safari sending IP addresses to Tencent & Google, ACC’s new OTG Android phone
2:06:21David Brooks lies “the whole senior echelon of the State Department” has to be involved in the firing of an ambassador, pre-inauguration headline about firing of all ambassadors
2:09:57Savannah Guthrie & Hoda Kotb wail about new Matt Lauer rape allegation; Megyn Kelly nails NBC’s internal investigation; Chris Hayes commits “path of least resistance” career suicide
2:21:07Donation Segment
2:34:55“Shocking” Kingsman Trump video; Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s new journalist protection bill
2:44:30Gov. Greg Abbott: “Austin needs to stop the hypocrisy”; CodeNEXT 4-family home zoning
2:52:11Extinction Rebellion activist from NYU all-in on “Green New Deals”