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1181 Solutioning (2019-10-13)

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0:00:00ACC: “Turn off the fountain, Jeeves.” (1:51:37)
0:00:30ACC’s “Hook ’em Horns” for “OSU” vs UT game; JCD’s “gif blitz” on
0:02:30Jason Whitlock on Chinese shitstorm over pro-Hong Kong tweet and Obama’s pro-TPP speech at Nike headquarters, “who are the people constantly criticizing Donald Trump? NBA”, “this is about a president that won’t cooperate with what Nike wants done” (CotD); Obama singles out Vietnam at Nike headquarters in 2015; Dick Clark Productions owned by China
0:10:37Trump reviews agreement with China “subject to getting it written” including agricultural products “so I’d suggest the farmers have to go and immediately buy more land and get bigger tractors”; Steve Pieczenik lauds businessmen behind the deal; JCD on crass anti-politician John DeLorean; Pieczenik on IP deals with “Hoowa-way”, inroads for credit card companies
0:21:18ACC’s cameo at Austin Local 512 meetup; Sandra Bullock’s house in Austin
0:24:05“Conservative legal legend” Professor Charles Fried gripes to Chris Hayes about “foul-mouthed” Trump in contrast to Eisenhower; new Trump Minnesota schtick: “isn’t it much better when I go off script?”, Pelosi “really stupid” for misrepresenting Schiff, Peter Strzok impression, “where’s Hunter?” T-shirt, Joe Biden’s top trait knowing “how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass”
0:41:092015 clips of Obama, Josh Earnest, and John Kirby talking “boots on the ground” in Syria
0:47:51Democracy Now on Rudy Giuliani associates arrested on campaign finance charges
0:51:57Kamala Harris announces her pronouns at CNN LGBTQ town hall, Chris Cuomo: “mine too”; word-dropping Joe Biden freaks out Anderson Pooper with “gay gay gay bathhouses … c’mon, man!” rant; Beto O’Rourke all-in on removing tax-exempt status on churches opposing gay marriage; Elizabeth Warren delighted at question from “9-year-old transgender American”, ACC: “give the kid a gun!”; Beto gets in a “y…” while being interrupted by ranting “extraordinary black trans woman”; Angelica Ross “nineteen lives lost is one too many” at The Advocate’s LGBTQ Forum; ACC’s expurgated “Tranny Oakley” joke
1:10:00Producer Segment
1:20:53JCD’s spam to; General Delivery Austin TX 78760 experiment
1:25:00Greta Thunberg decides to take criticism as a compliment; Extinction Rebellion cofounder Gail Bradbrook frets about 97% of life on earth being wiped out, “climate repair center”, ACC: “it’s like the Pep Boys”, “it’s part of dealing with systemic racism, white supremacy, and the wounds of patriarchy”; ACC on white guilt and the homeless
1:34:50Hispanic Queens resident calls NIMBY on local homeless shelter: “I hope somebody’s gonna burn the place down!”; Austin homelessness czar Pampilo Harris quits after one day on the job; ID2020 “blockchain the homeless”; JCD on new Oakland encampment
1:46:50UN announces measures to address cashflow crisis including shutting off the fountain
1:52:53Houston Rockets media officer shuts down CNN reporter asking about China activism
1:55:12Dogs Are People Too: ACC’s trip to The Domain mall with dog-scolding women; Chewy “what to expect” ad; British woman frets about “global population crisis”; abused vegan pets
2:05:04Donation Segment: “museum-quality stuff”
2:23:20Podcast on Berkeley Aquatic Park bacteria warning, “it’s poop!” iso; San Francisco’s corrupt Brown, Newsom, Pelosi, and Getty dynasties; amateur radio repeater alarmism; weather extremes in Up and Down California in 1860-1864: The Journal of William H. Brewer; JCD on Ducks Unlimited controlled burns; PG&E spokeshole: “we are solutioning” website issues
2:37:35Democracy Now lies about Trump campaign’s use of Purple Rain and refusal to pay for police