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1180 ISIS in Oz (2019-10-10)

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0:00:00ACC: “Mueller Report!” (1:27:44)
0:00:33JCD: “the Spurs, they hit a lot of homers the last time”; PG&E shutting off power over a stiff breeze, “worst governor ever” Gray Davis and Enron rolling blackouts; uptalking PG&E spokeshole on shots fired at employee’s vehicle during “public safety power shutoff?”
0:09:51“Nams” No Agenda hams irked at California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection demanding repeaters owners dismantle them or pay outrageous fees, No Agenda “prep net”
0:18:12Hillary and nodding Chelsea making the rounds; to Judy Woodruff: “much more serious set of charges” in Trump impeachment, “obviously, I can beat him again”
0:24:52Horribly-acted Dick Wolf drama FBI lampoons Kamala Harris: “now that she’s running for president she’s suddenly all woke and compassionate … and all you suck-ass white people lap it up and worship the ground she walks on!” (CotD)
0:34:28Bernie Sanders’ heart attack and daughter-in-law’s death after attacking big pharma; Tulsi Gabbard announces possible debate boycott because “the DNC and the corporate media are trying to hijack the entire election process”; Elizabeth Warren: limit firearm purchases to prevent “people from bulking up in the middle of a crisis”, “yeah!” this is constitutional
0:40:58Canadian debate with anti-globalist Maxime Bernier and Jagmeet Singh who is only interested in “standing up to Trump”; Antonio Guterres warns UN may not make payroll in November; Andrew Scheer: “Mr. Trudeau, you are a phony and you are a fraud and you do not deserve to govern this country”; Al Jazeera on election as referendum for embattled Justin Trudeau
0:56:39Dutch “there’s not planet B” climate change dirge, JCD: “who wrote this jingle, was it Joan Baez?”; San Francisco International Airport building $587M wall to protect it from sea level rise; JCD on illegal burn of Candlestick Park construction scrap; Trudeau sex scandal rumors
1:02:59Producer Segment
1:23:18ACC on rationale behind Johnson and Nixon impeachments; WNYC’s Impeachment “the newest and most urgent podcast”; Poland piping gas into Ukraine, and Cheniere Partners, ACC story: meeting “hey buddy!” Rick Perry on Southwest flight; former Ukrainian prosecutor general Yuri Lutsenko on do-not-prosecute list from ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, Joe Biden’s $900k for lobbying on behalf of Burisma Holdings; M5M talking points compilation
1:40:49Ray McGovern on “magnificent diversion” from recently-completed DoJ investigation into FISA abuses, “really big guys” like Comey & Brennan in jeopardy; DIA leaker arrested
1:47:36Trup announces pullout of US troops from Syria; Col. Douglas Macgregor “well, the swamp is clearly very disturbed” iso, Trump placing ISIS in Turkey’s lap; Turkey’s economic fragility due to 19.75% interest rate; Macgregor predicts Kurds siding with Damascus; Steve Pieczenik recommends sending fellow ophthalmologist Rand Paul to meet Assad, “chicken hawk” Mitt Romney, recommends sending ISIS prisoners to Australia; American ISIS prisoner to Holly Williams: recruits like him “don’t really believe the news”
2:06:26Hong Kong protestor: Chinese Communist Party “existential risk to humanity”; South Park “Band in China”; Jason Whitlock on NBA answering to Nike and Nike answering to China
2:14:49Donation Segment
2:27:44ACC OTG: Canadian insurer Onlia pushing comedy to combat road rage and spy app; Google Advanced Protection Program; NPR “great question” about impossibility of going OTG with “smart ovens”; ACC peephole-less door and fearmongering Ring doorbell
2:39:12JCD reviews $75 BLU Vivo X5 smartphone complete with Pluto TV and removable battery