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117 No Anthrax For You! (2009-07-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hey, you want a kidney?” (1:19:09)
0:00:40ACC’s ailing Faderfox MIDI controller and JCD’s substantial clip list
0:02:011933 film Golddiggers: “men marching, marching, jobs, jobs!”; DNC Harry and Louise healthcare bill ads, Health Insurance Association of America, ACC’s “dear friend” e-mail from Obama, “new foundation for healthcare security”, Harry Reid calls DNC ad buy “waste of money”; Obama dodges living will question from caller, JCD: “’’”; Virginia Fox on Republican plan that “will not put seniors in a position of being put to death by their government”; California spending $800M on ex-cons
0:17:24Personalized reply from; potential tax on cosmetic surgery; healthcare bills making the round of committees, Chris Matthews living will rant
0:21:25Hank Paulson to Jackie Speier: I don’t use e-mail, stammering refusal to name names, “you could say financial institutions, regulators, investors, uh, uh”
0:24:47Tides 6 inches to 2 feet above normal on US East Coast, too sudden to be global warming
0:27:05Janet Napolitano on Americans targeted in Jakarta and Mumbai bombings, “Web 2.0 world”, “many of the technological tools that expedite communication today were in their infancy or didn’t even exist in 2001”, JCD: “oh really, what?”, ACC: “BitTorrent!”, “home-grown terrorism”; National Level Exercise 2009 in full swing; YouTube video of United 857 biohazard-suited Pudong Airport swine flu thermometer “stormtrooper” sweep
0:33:41S.666 bioterrorism bill; Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s staggeringly lucrative contract for AVI BioPharma, WHO “World Horseshit Organization”, Obama’s 2005 S.969 AVIAN Act and AVI investment; JCD on WHO’s Margaret Chan as Mad TV’s Miss Swan, big pharma executives on WHO advisory group recommending mandatory H1N1 vaccinations; JCD on unconstitutional nondisclosure agreements, slavery private contract parallel; CBS local news: “people who are sick should actually wear masks at home”, “sneeze and cough into your sleeve”, “drive-through vaccine programs”, Fall resurgence “it won’t be going away”
0:47:38Federal report: 400% higher rate of adverse reactions with Gardasil, “fifteen times as many strokes”; US Census Bureau projects significant decline in world population starting in 2012, YouTube video on fitting world population inside Texas; Brazilian health secretary recommends school postponement to cut H1N1 risk
0:55:32India “not in a position to take on legally binding emission reduction targets”; producer note on Brazil approving hospital use of Tamiflu a year past its expiration, notes on same situation in US hospitals, Taylor Swift in the Brazilian tabloids
0:58:42VoloMedia podcast patent, ACC reads e-mail from Murgesh Navar, AudioFeast radio show synchronization, “method of claim” patent reading, JCD on free license for Apple to scare off the “little fish”
1:10:20And Now Back to Real News: women’s magazine revenue down because women find them “patronizing, fake, and pointless”, viral Faith Hill Photoshop job; Australian 2Day radio show scandal over teenager admitting being raped under polygraph
1:13:45New Jersey corruption arrests, hazmat crews responding to suspicious letters with white powder, “common since 2001”, sent to 30 governors in 2008, informant Jack Shaw found dead under “suspicious” circumstances, “did not appear to be murder”, rabbis and human organ sales, Paul Shaffer “doesn’t surprise me”, story untouched by MSM
1:22:27Donation solicitation, new Knight; No Agenda Mobile app update, Las Vegas dinner