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1178 Snakes and Spikes (2019-10-03)

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0:00:00ACC: “Kick him off Twitter!” (0:45:18)
0:00:33Dutch farmers protest EU limits on stikstof nitrogen usage by causing a crippling country-wide traffic jam, JCD story: bag of pure ammonium nitrate for ANFO explosive or lawn graffiti
0:09:41Nicolle Wallace and Matthew Miller butt in on Trump press conference to kvetch “we hate to do this, really, but the President isn’t telling the truth”, Biden attorney general story “looked at and thoroughly debunked by everyone involved”; Trump’s ponderous address to UN General Assembly: “the future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens”; Matthew Miller’s gay “that’s why Joe Biden pushed for him to be outed”
0:21:33Biden’s CFR bragging revisited; ABC’s Tom Llamas does hit piece on Hunter Biden run on Good Morning America with Clinton insider George Stephanopoulos, campaign announcing new ethics policy, Barisma role “to help with its transparency”
0:31:35“Secret” recording of stammering Mark Zuckerberg griping about Elizabeth Warren; melodramatically sighing Kamala Harris: Trump’s Twitter account should be suspended, “when the President of the Untied States speaks, her words are very powerful”; op-ed by “journalist” Kara Swisher: “it’s time to bar him”, 2020 “armed insurrection” scenario
0:45:53CBS adopting Amy Goodman’s repeated use of “lash out” meme, ACC slavery subtext
0:49:24Steve Bannon predicts Biden sacrifice to get Trump out, “she’s runnin’”; Bernie Sanders receives two stents and suspends campaign; WinRed raises $125M with its aggressive tactics
0:54:40Cackling Hillary all-in on Stephen Colbert’s “lock him up” joke, “we have started an impeachment inquiry”; Hillary lies to Rachel Maddow to bring Russia back into the conversation; “it’s hard to believe, but it’s still early” for The View, “I think it’s a really good point” for nonexistent point, “I probably came across as too serious” in 2016 election
1:09:41M5M “impeachable offense” compilation; “the squad” sidelined for all-white “badasses” pushing impeachment; Maxine Waters calls for solitary confinement; Romney advisor Mike Murphy to Andrea Mitchell: “yeah no”, GOP “secret vote” meme; Trump “are you talkin’ to me?” iso
1:23:19Producer Segment: ACC recommends “crazy cult” promotion for mouth-hitting
1:42:29Texas Gov. Greg Abbott threatens to “unleash” state agencies on Austin; Mayor Adler pushes responsibility onto shoulders of police, “we have to get people into housing … because we know that that works”, sketchy claim of “zero-veteran homelessness” by working with “Carrot Top”
1:53:38Jamal Khashoggi’s widow and Jeff Bezos at vigil outside consulate in Istanbul
1:55:10Text messages to be used in sentencing Texas police officer Amber Guyger for murder
1:58:15ACC OTG: Manchester slow lane for phone zombies; JCD “you hit me!” game at Costco
2:04:00Chris Morris on The Day Shall Come film as exploration of FBI as “biggest recruiter of terrorists in the USA”; CNBC’s Ron Insana: WTC 7 taken down in “controlled implosion”
2:10:56UK Home Secretary Priti Patel on her job “to end the free movement of people once and for all”; hoarse John Bercow denies condition is due to “the consumption of a kangaroo’s testicle”
2:18:59Donation Segment: “Avocado number” $60.23
2:32:48Native ad for beef industry from Tucker Carlson and shill Dr. Marc Siegel
2:38:50ART19 targeted advertising in podcasts vs “paid social”; ACC’s “fairly successful podcast”
2:41:43Democracy Now on Southaven Mississippi arguing illegal immigrant killed by police had no rights; New York Times propagates claims in new book Border Wars that Trump pushed for alligator-filled moat and shooting immigrants, “spikes to pierce human flesh” meme
2:47:03France 24 “Fact or Fake” segment debunks EU plan to put Europe on “Berlin Time”