Call Clooney!

1177 Moral Army (2019-09-29)

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0:00:00ACC: “Ahh, there’s no budget for it!” (2:27:08)
0:00:34Late start due to another Enron-style “rolling blackout”, JCD’s “D-COM” rig in the car, neighbors locked out of garage, Mimi’s Fila Brasileiro dog locked in motel room
0:07:49UN Agenda 21 “global sustainable development” plan refresher course, successor Agenda 2030, Club of Rome founder and carbon credit pioneer Maurice Strong an advocate for “global governance”; compilation of screeching abused children: “this is environmental racism and we must acknowledge the issue!”, ACC: Greta Thunberg “might as well be dead”, JCD on Club of Rome and Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb; “vat do we want?” chant at Dutch protest
0:18:30Ken Burns Prohibition on indoctrination program masterminded by WCTU activist Mary Hunt: “older children studied texts filled with lurid misinformation calculated to terrify”, “and always … there was the fearful possibility that drinking could spark spontaneous combustion”
0:22:32Global Citizen Festival promo by CEO Hugh Evans: members working “to see the United Nations global goals realized”; musical ad-lib by Carole King; Leonardo diCaprio meme-fest: “unless you live in an alternate reality there is no more time for denial”, “leader” Greta ditches, JCD: “probably having a nervous breakdown”; Trump an impediment to globalist momentum
0:40:05Harrison Ford thanks Macron for $100M at UN, young activists “a moral army”; UK lawyer pushes “ecocide” ban, JCD: “maybe they should do something about eating secondhand meat”
0:44:30CBS propagandist Jeff Berardelli: “the agreement is between 97 and 99 percent” of scientists that “all of it!” is caused by humans; Nature retracts “flawed” 2018 paper claiming faster ocean warming than previously modeled; Impossible Burger a flash in the pan publicity stunt
0:49:46Saturday Night Live returns from “hiatus” to throw all the Democrat contenders under the bus; screeching bird sound effect for Hillary “swooping in” on CBS This Morning; CNBC worried about prospect of Elizabeth Warren killing banking industry
0:57:49Producer Segment: Nothing Like a Dame with cast of thousands for end of show
1:21:42ACC’s NIL nephew-in-law irked at douchebaggy vaping banner ad in Android podcast app
1:27:36Adam Schiff grandstands before Intelligence Committee hearing “I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand?” then claims his lies are “satire”; Rep. Al Green admits election meddling as purpose of impeachment; David Brooks on prospect of vindication from Senate and distraction from primary, delusional Mark Shields: Trump is “terrified” of Biden
1:44:11August 29 Schiff tweet griping about Trump “withholding vital military aid to Ukraine”; whistleblower rules changed to make secondhand information admissible, James Clapper: complaint “the best written, best researched”, Trump tweets “potential witness tampering”; aggressive “all gifts 4x matched!” WinRed texts; dire worst-case scenarios for Democrats in Senate trial; adled Pelosi corrects “100% confidence” to “high confidence” of Russian meddling
1:58:52New Yorker article “Will Hunter Biden Jeopardize His Father’s Campaign?”, history of addiction and alcoholism; NPR compares Biden and Manafort; JCD gives Hillary until November
2:06:51Donation Segment: JAL’s seat maps with children for the Pedobears
2:21:14Preview of “best of” show featuring JCD stories including “here she is, Raven!
2:27:50Yamiche Alcindor finds no one in South Carolina likes Kamala Harris, Harris “look, first of all, let’s just back up, here’s the thing” iso; former ICE director Tom Homan butts heads with gravel-banging Rep. Pramila Jayapal: “I’m a taxpayer, you work for me!”
2:36:39Riots in Haiti over embezzlement of Venezuelan aid funds; Hong Kong riot cut short by police
2:38:39Indian soccer announcer narrates player “sacrificing future generations as well” on goalpost