Call Clooney!

1173 Vinyl Vote (2019-09-12)

Show 1173 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Twelve K lives matter, man!” (0:40:08)
0:00:34CBS on drone attack on two Saudi Aramco refineries attributed to Huthi rebels in Yemen 500 miles away, Trump’s call to Mohammad bin Salman, Arabic yelling iso; Mike Pompeo somewhat predictably accuses Iran; producer note on YouTube video with jet-like craft
0:13:41Eddie Money dead at 70; ACC & TtK’s trip to Las Vegas marred by flight cancellation false alarm and Cosmopolitan hotel disabled suite, hearing aid overstimulation, Mr. Olympia convention, Bruno Mars paid for with outrageous drink prices
0:27:05Vape Wars: Wealth, Power, & Influence podcast cites “what was the name of the podcast? No Agenda podcast”; Utah Rep. Paul Ray announces results of inaccurate ready-strip tests indicating kratom and other substances in vape liquid; Politico notes no one is dying of vape sicknesses in Europe; long-expired 1963 patent; 2016 A Billion Lives documentary on tobacco lobby and government efforts to destroy vape industry, “antifreeze” meme
0:35:27Trump hate compilation from Democrat debate opening statements, Beto: “inspired to kill by our President”, Bernie: “the most dangerous president in the history of this country”, patronizing Harris propagates WaPo “twelve thousand lies” meme; derisive laughter for Andrew Yang’s UBI pilot; Biden calls Bernie the president; crowd gasps as Julian Castro accuses Biden of “forgetting what you just said two minutes ago”; Beto proposes rewriting immigration laws “in our own image” before switching to Spanish; Biden “make sure you have the record player on at night” non-sequitur, Symone Sanders “vinyl vote”; Harris “I do believe” klaxon, “not once have we talked about Donald Trump” Obamacare gripe; Castro’s creepy Joker smile
0:54:00Marianne Williamson on Fox News “hot mic” griping about left’s meanness; JCD irked by juvenile candidates raising their hands to speak
0:58:32Michael Moore’s bigoted “people of color love them, women love them!” for The Squad; JCD on the nightmare of trying to see out-of-network doctor under Obamacare; hysterical Bill Maher panel screeches about Robert Mueller “shitting the bed”; MSNBC’s TourĂ© #MeToo’ed
1:11:58Producer Segment: JCD China travel tip; the danger of blowholes
1:30:16Two new proposals to limit Austin “camping”; irony of conference industry going after Airbnb
1:35:35Felicity Huffman sentenced to 14 days sunbathing at minimum security prison; gleeful Inside Edition: “she should not expect Camp Cupcake”
1:40:49ACC OTG: JCD OTG Kinda Guy jingle; iPhone 5 unusable on Verizon; 60% of menstrual cycle tracking apps sending data to Facebook; iPhone 11 quietly rolls out U1 location chip for Apple Tags, JCD: “no wonder the battery doesn’t last for long!”, digital “kick me” sign; ESPN up in arms over University of Alabama tracking students at football games; public records based social credit score, JCD gripes about paywalled internet white pages
2:00:04Robot “Sofie” tells joke and plugs Hanson Robotics on Good Morning Britain
2:02:08Donation Segment
2:14:21Boring Guardian interview with Edward Snowden, first meeting with stripper “poet” wife Lindsay Mills on, initial fear from how “you think a CIA agent looks at Russia”
2:25:08Richard Stallman makes complete ass of himself defending Marvin Minsky’s Epstein entanglements; JCD story: Tourette’s sufferer John Brockman; Aaron Schwartz suicide theories
2:31:01New York Times attempting to pillory Brett Kavanaugh with 1980s drunken penis incidents
2:34:48“Dirty secret” of greenhouse gas SF6 sulfur hexafluoride used in wind farms
2:38:51Piers Morgan challenges BBC’s list of 100 genders including “two-spirit” and “neutrois”