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1172 Vapegoat (2019-09-12)

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0:00:00ACC: “No, it wasn’t staged!” (2:23:57)
0:00:36John Bolton finally given the heave-ho after abortive Taliban summit
0:01:16Vape Wars: obsolete term “e-cigarette”, ACC warns against sketchy THC cartridges with adulterants; Trump announces FDA action after the First Lady became involved because “she’s got a son, together”, exemption for tobacco-flavored liquids; CNBC on action’s implication for 166k jobs; “vapegoat” counterfeit THC cartridge operation busted in Wisconsin
0:21:42BBC on “long and dramatic night” as Parliament is prorogued; Boris Johnson accused of lying to the Queen; Johnson “backers” like evilly laughing hedge fund manager Crispin Odey making millions by shorting “the markets”; UK Treasury’s “Operation Yellowhammer” contingency plan for no-deal Brexit; Lord James of Blackheath warns about “Black Vulture” list including agreement to cede military to European Defence Union
0:32:56“We’re leaving the European Union” compilation; ACC reads Declaration of Independence “it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it” in light of First and Second Amendments; Ringo Starr: “I would have voted for Brexit … but don’t tell Bob Geldof”
0:43:38Greta Thunberg to Democracy Now on the pronunciation of her name /greːta tʉːnbærj/, depression at age eight accompanied by selective mutism and anorexia; Scott Adams parallel; Extinction Rebellion chant “there is no future on a dead planet!
0:53:25ACC reports on tour of Community First! Village inspired by Johann Hari’s Chasing the Scream account of caged rats with cocaine; California’s failed Housing First approach
1:03:09Producer Segment
1:14:11Erin Burnett speculates wildly about firing of John Bolton based on “sources”, “blindsided” Pompeo and Mnuchin: “I’m never surprised”, Burnett: “look at their faces again!” grinning cheerfully; Elizabeth Warren’s crowds “by far … overall are the biggest in the Democratic field”, JCD: “bull-shit!”, “he’s gonna be yelling about Pocahontas and crowds”, Keith Boykin: 36% approval rating taken to mean “we’ve never seen any president in modern history who’s been so despised”, Burnett botches “he won with a pretty despising set of numbers, right?”
1:31:06Bernie Sanders gripes about negative Washington Post coverage thanks to Jeff Bezos; media bias according to Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper’s Useful Idiots podcast
1:35:21Jarl Mohn steps down as NPR CEO, replacement John Lansing former head of US Agency for Global Media propaganda shop, JCD: “he has to be a spook” given nonexistent Wiki page
1:42:12Federal Bank of England Governor Mark Carney shakes up Jackson Hole Economic Symposium with talk of changing “unsustainable monetary system”; French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire states opposition to Facebook Libra; Carney dodges question about IMF leadership; Christine Lagarde’s promise to “paint the ECB green” with climate change bonds
1:58:20Donation Segment
2:17:34“Pussy ass bitch” Twitter war between Trump and Chrissy Teigen; John Legend in 2017: “the best artists, most of them are liberal, sorry!”; uptalking creator of black-white toddler hug “viral video” with “over 300 shares and 6,500 views”, JCD on top 5 staged viral videos list
2:26:25ACC OTG: Facebag engineer Paul McDonald promoting location tracking on iOS 13 and Android 10; magazine subscriptions up next for inclusion in social credit scores
2:34:34Dr. Peter Ridd on Great Barrier Reef health; Democracy Now on danger of “water stress”
2:39:46Dan Rather propagates “fine people” lie; idiot “Bobby” O’Rourke ignores correction
2:44:10Producer note on seeing Ruth Bader Ginsberg alive and well at event, JCD: “lizard!”