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1171 Slutty Vegan (2019-09-08)

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0:00:00ACC: “I am the Podfather, listen to me!” (1:18:04)
0:00:36Hurricane Dorian “decimated” compilation; distraction of “SharpieGate” shitstorm over doctored map with Alabama in projected storm path, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump author Dr. Bandy X. Lee griping about “unhinged SharpieGate fiasco”
0:09:23Vape ingredient vitamin E acetate under investigation; nicotine/THC/Juul conflation, industry’s 600 lobbyists in Washington; Michigan banning flavored products to kill Juul competitors
0:21:05Idiotic local report cites Atlanta “Slutty Vegan” restaurant and fast food fake meat with Oxford University report linking “plant-based lifestyle” vegetarianism with increased stroke risk; JCD story: rotund CEBIT militant vegan eating a pile of pastries for breakfast; ACC’s birthday Sur le Table cooking class, JCD: “you got Berkeleyized!”
0:32:23Boris Johnson’s Twitter selfie video griping about Jeremy Corbyn’s push for “pointless delay” in Brexit; BBC sob story about Eastern European woman applying for settled status; People’s Vote march on October 19th; PBS on clash between “dueling marches”; People’s Vote website using NationBuilder “chip in” meme
0:46:15Hong Kong protestors waving American flags in front of US Consulate; CBC on destruction of subway station and demands for inquiry into police brutality; Bridgefy mesh network; millennials using Die With Me 5% battery life chatroom app
0:55:20InfoWars’ Owen Shroyer kicked out of Austin City Council meeting amid “nothing is gonna change in this city with this leadership!” rant at dumbfounded elites, “I’m a young woman, I’m a young minority” challenge to Mayor; H.R.4239 Affordable Housing Incentives Act of 2019; 1889 National Hobo Convention code of ethics: “when jungling in town, respect handouts”
1:05:27Producer Segment: Omar Bongo and racist “Bongo-Bongo Land”; PodPass vs V4V
1:32:24Boris Johnson “thank you” iso; Trump’s congratulatory jobs video on Twitter
1:34:44KFI AM poop report “fresh loaf on the ground!” iso; Jeff Pegues on American Airlines mechanic “Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani” charged with sabotage
1:39:15ACC OTG: US Department of Justice demanding records of rifle scope app Obsidian 4 users; FCC orders rejiggering of over-the-air TV channels to make room for 5G; Senators up in arms over state DMVs selling personal information; S.1828 Credit Access and Inclusion Act of 2019 to allow inclusion of timely utility payments, ACC: “pay your housing on time and eat bugs”
1:51:53Kamala Harris giggles incoherently about plastic straws, ACC: “high as a kite!”; Harris walks back her amusement at “what are you going to do … to diminish the mentally retarded action of this guy?”; NBC reports Elizabeth Warren and Hillary in cahoots; Judicial Watch CEO Tom Fitton on DoJ protecting Hillary and Comey; Joe Biden recovers from “Donald Hump” gaffe and botches “does pose an exnalstength to this… the, it’s not hypothetical”
2:05:28Anthony Scaramucci predicts Trump dropping out of 2020 race and gripes about Trump going after Jerome Powell and The Squad; ACC irked by Democrat “this country” and bogus “our democracy”; Nick Tomboulides: “my personal preference is, one term in office, one in prison”
2:14:01Donation Segment
2:27:37Simultaneous exchange of 35 prisoners between Russia and Ukraine; Robert Mugabe dead at 95, farmer Ben Freeth: “his hand was cold an clammy and reptilian, in fact”
2:34:52NPR on racist coverage of mass shootings, “solutions journalism” term for activism
2:42:18Indian Vikram lunar lander MIA; SWATting in Canada; USC e-mails flagging applicants as “VIPs” released in college admissions scandal defense, JCD: “they did it wrong!”