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1170 Generational Justice (2019-09-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “Boom! his eyeball blows out!” (0:35:39)
0:00:32CNN global warming “town hall” with wildly gesticulating Elizabeth Warren and “the giggler” Kamala Harris; question from Isle de Jean Charles “climate refugee” American Indian for the fake American Indian, “so, let me start by saying how very sorry I am”, JCD: “ooohhh!”; Pete Buttigieg’s “generational justice” for gay solar entrepreneur, “we could lose half the world’s oxygen”; Let the Kids Vote strategy applied to No Agenda by Sir Felix & Company
0:16:57CNN interstitial from recovering denialist “weatherman”; Australian host Alan Jones responds to Prof. David Karoly’s criticism of his CO2 “maths” by playing Karoly agreeing with him
0:26:53Writer Tiphanie Yanique to Democracy Now: events like Hurricane Dorian “man-made storms”; mysterious “black band” on Florida radar image; Yanique points out Dorian already hit US Virgin Islands; new meme “thermodynamic equilibrium” among the climate change skeptics
0:35:04JCD theorizes “unkempt” Joe Biden’s bloodshot eye a result of “speedballs”, earlier career tainted by plagiarism scandal; Hillary still on watch list, Warren the current media darling
0:39:55Dutch up in arms over El Paso and Odessa shootings, ACC on Second Amendment and regime change, legality of machine gun ownership; Odessa shooter’s failed background check; Washington Post cites “sources” on White House plan for HARPA Health Advanced Research Projects Agency working with big tech to spot signs of mental illness, SAFEHOME Stopping Aberrant Fatal Events by Helping Overcome Mental Extremes project
0:49:35State-sponsored China Youth Credit Management’s social credit score app “unictown”; Understanding Media author Marshall McLuhan on new satellite broadcasting technology replacing participation, “the global village is a world in which … you have extreme concern with everybody else’s business”, “every time a new medium arrives, the old medium is the content”
0:58:54Producer Segment: note on Altria’s $13bn 30% stake in Juul Labs and FDA “shitstorm”
1:30:20Steve Bannon gripes to Kyle Bass about China’s collusion with banking sector to deindustrialize US and Europe, intelligence assets working on weapons technology, “greed and avarice writ large”, predicts “shooting war” over South China Sea, proposes shutdown of Confucius Institutes run by PLA on US college campuses; National Endowment for Domocracy in Hong Kong; producer notes on outrageous rent in Hong Kong; Bannon proposes BAT border adjustment tax instead of tariffs, “VAT tax for certain products” killed by Koch Brothers
1:49:28KTLA reporter: “we tried to reach out to the man who died in this pursuit, uh, they were unavailable for comment” (CotD)
1:50:25Alan Greenspan blathers about negative interest rates to CNBC; Joe Kernan and Mark Mobius debate Bitcoin as a fiat currency; ACC’s growing Bitcoin stash
1:59:08Donation Segment
2:18:36Schools cracking down on teen vaping by locking down bathrooms; JCD reminisces about the shift from cigarettes to marijuana, ACC on avoiding sketchy “e-juice”
2:23:00Latest Austin homelessness town hall devolves into chaos with help from Infowars reporter, Mayor Adler proposes funding homeless shelters by jacking up property taxes; JCD envisions a “shantytown” with open sewer, barefoot kids, and corrugated steel; tourist populations in Amsterdam and San Francisco, Anne Frank house with modern façade and gift shop
2:36:38More names in Jeffrey Epstein documents to be unsealed
2:37:25Nigel Farage gripes about Boris Johnson trying for sneaky Brexit deal with Brussels; Sikh MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi irked at being described as “coming from Bongo-Bongo Land”