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116 German Soldiers On American Soil This Week (2009-07-27)

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0:00:57And Now Back to Real News: Smart cars being tossed into Amsterdam canals
0:03:04Swine flu vaccine and SOMARK Innovations RFID ink, capital from Finistere Ventures, chairman Dr. Jerry Caulder with Monsanto for 15 years, chipped Portugese cattle; 2004 HHS Project BioShield, Lieberman’s S.666 Biological, Chemical, and Radiological Weapons Countermeasures Research Act, DHS emergency authority
0:15:13Baxter International investor Goldman Sachs; Bill Maher intro with Janet Napolitano; upcoming National Level Exercise 2009 with “federal, state, local, tribal, private sector and international partners”, similar 9/11 exercise, “detect, disrupt and deter preventable terrorist incidents”, ACC: “crackdown is all I can see!”, “broad spectrum of component agencies”; ACC takes UK Emergency Broadcast Service call-in number for a spin, Encore reservation system
0:24:55ACC Obama “counter-agent” theory, Henry Louis Gates beer summit distraction; New Jersey rabbis and mayors arrested for money laundering, ACC “Israeli spy ring” and 9/11
0:30:12Rep. Alan Grayson grills Ben Bernanke over $500bn in “liquidity swaps” for foreign banks, Bernanke “I dunno” on recipients, laughter from Grayson at Bernanke’s assertion that 20% jump in exchange rate was a coincidence; Cliff Stearns to Hank Paulson: “how do you have any credibility today?”, $750bn “bait and switch” for Goldman Sachs; $9bn load to be repaid at Goldman’s discretion, Warren Buffett’s $5bn investment; JCD Jon & Kate Plus 8 “bleh”
0:41:06Project BioShield FDA authorization for use of unapproved drugs; CDC release on 43k H1N1 cases and 300 deaths, WHO “tweak the virus”
0:42:57Shadow Puppet Theater: Food Safety Czar Michael Taylor’s background with Monsanto, rBST lawsuits; New York Times $39.1M profit, cost-cutting and “favorable tax adjustment”
0:49:09“Big Brother Law” in Knesset for biometric database; WHO deployment of German Army to US for FEMA/DHS martial law exercise, National Interoperability Field Operations Guide; FEMA coffins, Multi-Functional Cremation Container for a Cadaver patent
0:57:07Australians on flu shot waiting lists; ACC on DNA and global consciousness, seed banks;; UK swine flu website collapses under 9M visits per hour
1:03:04Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum do-over in October; Starbucks on the rise due to long-awaited unemployment checks; Obama’s 14k people per day losing health coverage statistic coinciding with unemployment
1:06:15Dinner at “tourist trap” Empress of China, JCD text message “funky Express of China” autocorrect, Symbian OS rant, Mozilla printing woes, AP crackdown on headlines in search results, news network abandonment of public interest
1:12:59Donation Segment: ACC proposes gold donations, JCD: “no you can’t put it in the microwave!”
1:20:18American Meteorological Society climate geoengineering proposal; 1900° gold melting point, “crack torch”, No Agenda currency; geoengineering “intended and unintended environmental responses”, “this statement is considered in force until January 2012”
1:26:13Outro: chemtrails for Thursday; ACC: “it’s the No Agenda melt it and match program”, proposed dinner tour