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1168 Poop-in (2019-08-29)

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0:00:00JCD: (Echoing)Gretaaa-mania!” (0:10:51)
0:00:38ACC up at 5:30 in the morning for disruptive Windows updates
0:02:06Greta Thunberg arrives in New York City, “it is insane that a 16-year-old had to cross the Atlantic Ocean to make a stand”; Canadian “18 to 8” campaign Let the Kids Vote music video; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez muses about her desire for a “mixed family” and one less child than planned; Michael Mann loses libel suit after refusing to produce “hockey stick” data
0:10:54NatGeo debunks Amazon “lungs of the world” meme; JCD recalls International Geophysical Year; CNN announces seven hours of back-to-back climate change town halls
0:19:45TtK bails out of new Beverly Hills 90210 after seven seconds; MTV Video Music Awards excise Michael Jackson’s name from Video Vanguard Award, “high priests of the Illuminati” John Travolta and Queen Latifah, pregnancy test ad followed by Teen Moms
0:24:08Boris Johnson “prorogues” Parliament until near Brexit deadline, NBC “constitutional crisis” and “coup” memes; Channel 4 cites “flexible unwritten Constitution”; “Baron Adonis” man on the street: peculiar Norway reference, BBC economist Paul Mason gripes about “the dark money behind Nigel Farage”, “fuck Trump!”; Nigel Farage argues for “clean break Brexit”
0:34:58Dogs Are People Too: British pets in danger of losing EU pet passport; ACC story: dodging British animal quarantine with falsified Belgian veterinary records
0:38:19Dave Chappelle’s controversial Netflix special, Trump-hating audience tricked with “that’s you!” impression; story of doing transgender jokes in front of “Daphne”; JCD’s identity politics essay, ACC’s stepdaughter and “interdimensionality”; HBO Succession “pump the brakes”
0:56:33Austin town hall over homeless camping crisis, Royal Blue Grocery considering closing at 6:00; encirclement of ARCH Austin Resource Center for the Homeless, Mayor Adler still obsessing over housing; Los Angeles woman complains about “rats nest” across from her home; Sir Mark Hall planning “public poop-in”; Amsterdam renames Bureau of Tourism Management
1:09:59Producer Segment: JCD unlocks “cancel culture” achievement on Twitter
1:31:35Tucker Carlson: “it turns out, in fact, that many violent individuals have been avid marijuana users”, Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence author Alex Berenson links psychosis with violence and marijuana with psychosis; Lawrence O’Donnell “the President is a raving lunatic!” iso
1:42:06Trump discusses his flu vaccine avoidance with Alex Jones affiliate; “breaking news!” of woman at concert with measles; CDC threatening to delist US eradication status; possible DEET native ad in mosquito-borne eastern equine encephalitis story
1:49:50ACC OTG: Ring allowing police to request footage, JCD vandalism recipe; iPhone 5 setup revisited; university automated door lock “glitch”; toll road RFID stickers; Foursquare zombie apps still phoning home; Bill Binney documentary A Good American on NSA under Michael Hayden adopting SAIC revolving door contracts, Maureen Baginski “9/11 is a gift to NSA”; ACC: “please stop using Über and Lyft!”; more shameless 5G plugs by Malcolm Gladwell
2:19:16Donation Segment: “Make Hillary Run Again” hats; ACC pitched The Most Dangerous Roads
2:34:03Six-Week Cycle: High Point University student with “blunderbuss” shotgun
2:37:30NBC on phone scammer who “got scammed” by police officer; ACC’s legit Ford Credit call
2:43:09Patrick Byrne continuing to reveal tidbits about Maria Butina and Anna Chapman
2:43:56Andrew Yang reflects on media corruption to another podcast; Bernie Sanders’ plan to protect independent journalism, JCD on history of newspaper consolidation