Call Clooney!

1167 Nine Dash Line (2019-08-25)

Show 1167 album art
0:00:00JCD: “The skies are blacked out over São Paulo!” (0:25:28)
0:00:34JCD’s Show 1166 “what difference does it make” superimposed with Hillary; shutdown of Jordan Peterson deepfake site potentially for mailing list collection; “zephyr zephyr zephyr zephyr” from 1969 Kirk Douglas film The Arrangement; JCD on free CDs from “the computer professor”; Jordan Peterson starting online university; tracking coded e-mail address; ACC’s dinner with the Fugazzottos, daughter Isabella the Irish dancer and ACC’s fencing career
0:11:25Amy Goodman channels Walter Cronkite blaming Jair Bolsonaro for Amazon wildfires; clear skies on São Paulo webcams; NBC tweeting birds for “earth’s lungs”, “rich soil” and oxygen production lies; ACC draws parallel with Michael Crichton’s State of Fear
0:27:20Danish PM Ida Auken pokes fun at Trump with “just grab… your pen” pro-windmill video; irritating reporter yammers about big tech irked at France over DST digital services tax, Trump conflict of interest with threat of wine tax
0:36:58Duke psychology professor Allen Frances to Brian Stelter: “Trump is as destructive a person in this century as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were in the last century — he may be responsible for many more million deaths than they were”; Ben Shapiro: “I have schizophrenia, my grandfather was schizophrenic”
0:46:12Chris Cuomo and Anderson Pooper discuss getting wacky Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne on the air before segueing to Dancing With the Stars; Byrne’s involvement with SEC naked shorting investigation before 2007 crash; Byrne on “fishy” orders received from Peter Strzok, remorse over societal divisions, “I went to see my rabbi” Warren Buffett, political espionage against Hillary Clinton, Maria Butina and Uranium One; JCD on Family of Secrets and Watergate as CIA plot to oust Nixon; Bill Barr the Iran-Contra “fixer”
1:04:18Producer Segment: ACC’s smoking melted CDs story; JCD nixes “pump the brakes”
1:47:23Hong Kong protestor: “Donald Trump don’t trust China, China is assho’!”; NBC on Trump’s demand for China pullout in response to tariff hike, “lashing out” at Jay Powell, bogus “5% of the world’s consumers”; International Emergency Economic Powers Act and fentanyl
1:56:35John Pilger documentary The Coming War On China on American opium barons like Franklin Roosevelt’s grandfather and John Forbes Kerry’s forebears; Steve Bannon on new film Claws of the Red Dragon, “barbarian management” system, job relocation linked to opioid crisis, “Nine-Dash Line” around South China Sea and eagerness to start war with 72-hour deadline from US Navy, NAFTA “geostrategic manufacturing base”
2:10:46Sticky-mouthed translator recites Italian PM Giuseppe Conte’s resignation; potential snap election in UK; Dutch beach party to wave goodbye to Brexiting UK
2:14:21NBC on hospitalizations and one death linked to “street-bought vaping cartridges”; ACC on MIA “e-cigarettes” and notion of growing marijuana from actual seeds
2:22:33Donation Segment
2:37:22TSA warning travelers about unconstitutional REAL ID, JCD irked by need for passport and three other documents when a passport suffices; ACC’s tattered Social Security card
2:44:42NBC on outrage over California high school students “singing a Nazi song” and Nazi salutes at Universal Orlando, bogus “racist propaganda nearly tripling last year”, JCD: “it’s possible they were singing California Über Alles”; Bellamy salute for pledge of allegiance
2:48:53JCD “glitch” timestamps; ACC on socialist Dutch telephone monopoly frying illegal answering machines with voltage spikes; ACC warns against Bose over-the-counter hearing aids