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1164 Jacked-Up Joe (2019-08-15)

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0:00:00ACC: “Wait, wasn’t there a pillow on his head?” (0:48:51)
0:00:30CBS This Morning shows white hostage in Philadelphia standoff instead of black gunman
0:06:38Dogs Are People Too: ACC “poisoned” after surfing with former New York banker, Austin dogs dying after contact with blue-green algae, JCD: “her baby died?”; global warming blamed for Lake Erie “stinky green sheen”, JCD on algae supplement fad; Austin “Hatch chile month”
0:14:23Daily Source Code 15th Anniversary Special
0:15:52ACC ditches Joe diGenova in favor of CEO Patrick Byrne, deep state “submarine” with “nuclear icebreaker named the USS Bill Barr has snuck up on them and is about to ram them amidships” (CotD), romantic relationship with Russian spook Maria Butina
0:21:30Daily Mail on Ghislaine Maxwell lurking at boyfriend’s mansion, bogus portrait of Bill Clinton in blue dress; Steve Pieczenik: Trump terrorizing pedophiles like Jon “qíngxíng” Huntsman and Bill Gates; ABC “mega-millionaire” meme and Mega Group, Inslaw Promis financial software conspiracy; JCD on Gates’ fondness for “petite blondes” and Microsoft hooker contract
0:39:58“The truth is, at its core probably something…” cut off on Australian morning show; spook WMD journalist Judith Miller to Mark Steyn: “the facts, by the way, are changing a lot”; “conspiracy theorist” added to Trump Rotation by NBC and NPR, theories about Antonin Scalia’s death with “a pillow by his head”, “connecting the dots may satisfy an emotional or intellectual need”; Beto O’Rourke and Maxine Waters “connect the dots” compilation; Christiane Amanpour intro “now, democracy is under increasing threat from conspiracy theories”
0:53:04Army veteran mind-controlled by Trump attacks 13-year-old boy for refusing to take off hat; unhinged MSNBC loon Donny Deutsch rants at white people: “maybe it’s the Jews next”; Elie Mystal to Joy Reid: “you do not negotiate with these people, you destroy them!”
1:00:15Bill Barr: GCHQ proposing “virtual alligator clips” to break end-to-end encryption, “prudent to anticipate that a major incident may occur at any time” before El Paso & Dayton shootings
1:07:08Vermont weather forecast: “computer models are not in firm agreement about Tuesday”; BBC amused by kangaroos on snow in Australia; Greta Thunberg about to sail across the Atlantic pooping in a bucket, “she’s not sure yet how she’s going to get home”
1:12:30Chris Cuomo’s foul-mouthed “Fredo” meltdown; Don Lemon “pussy or dick” lawsuit
1:19:28Producer Segment
1:30:50NCIS “you mean he’s deceased too?” blonde joke from show runner Gary Glasberg
1:34:45Brave Google manbun whistleblower unmasks himself for Project Veritas, “Twiddlers” for downranking results on the fly; JCD irked by The Beginner’s Guide to Protesting “oh hey, hey oh” chant, “dry labbing” explanation; strategies
1:53:36Show 133 algae-fueled car clips; Al Gore a big investor behind Beyond Meat
1:57:50“The President just blinked” in trade dispute with China; US flags at Hong Kong protests
2:01:40Trump tax cuts contributing to homelessness due to opportunity zone funds
2:07:32Donation Segment: “first and probably only naked meetup” at Burning Man
2:21:28New ebola “cures” Regeneron REGN-EB3 and mAb-114; CIA bin Laden search “vaccine”; article links SSRIs with mass violence; three stabbed in Australia by man doped up on Antenex; Captagon amphetamine smuggling in Lebanon; Show 201 Reglan side effects
2:37:20Vogue grooming Stacy Abrams for 2020 with “Jacked-Up Joe”; Elizabeth Warren wealth tax chant; drunk “union is standing!” Trump hater; “jeering nooo, cheering suuure!” iso
2:44:39ACC OTG: off the grid travellers subject to withdrawal symptoms