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1163 Cashless Millennials (2019-08-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “I am a robot. I am sustainable. You must die.” (1:53:31)
0:00:34ACC’s preview of JCD’s “smear artist” Amazing Polly clips; “and the crowd goes wild” over Jeffrey Epstein suicide; ABC “sources” report death of “mega-millionaire” Epstein, “found unresponsive … last month” lie, Tom Llamas unclear about who is “naming names”, potential continuation of criminal and civil cases; Joy Reid blames “William Barr’s Justice Department”
0:16:33Amy Goodman quotes Trump discussing “his friend Jeffrey Epstein”; author Vicky Ward’s 2003 Vanity Fair exposé vs her connections with Ghislaine Maxwell, JCD: “she might be a lizard”, Conrad Black pardoned by Trump in May; Ward to Goodman on Epstein’s 2002 threats to her unborn children, “and, and” lying tell, exposé material cut by Graydon Carter, case will continue because “after all, it was a conspiracy”; contagious stammering absent from 2007 interview; Ward on Trump using John Kelly to keep Jared and Ivanka quiet
0:49:48Chuck Todd aghast at Trump “leading the irresponsible charge” by retweeting Clinton body count conspiracy theory; e-mail to ShareBlue “Stalwarts” with talking points to counter “harmful and unture” Epstein theories and instructions to ROLCON roleplay conservatives
0:59:04“Are you at risk of accidental suicide?” PSA from Sir Chris; “XOXO Hillary + Bill” chalked outside Epstein’s townhouse; YouTuber TruthFactoryCat on Ghislaine Maxwell’s attachments to pedophile Mossad assets with hidden cameras, “intimate massage” offer for journalist Eric Margolis; producer note on “egg-shaped penis” as evidence of pumping regimen
1:08:31Steve Pieczenik: Epstein too narcissistic to commit suicide, video “glitch”, Trump “a fox in the henhouse” in appointing Joseph Maguire DNI over Susan Gordon, “paradoxical intention” of absurd suicide scenario, toe-sucking Prince Andrew; ACC predicts three more “suicides”
1:20:31Producer Segment
1:58:36Jen Briney explains value for value and answers C-SPAN caller’s “in the morning!”
2:03:12Bawling abused child used by hysterical media to shame Republicans for Alabama ICE raids
2:07:25Austin City Council speaker addresses homeless crisis caused by “policies that we have seen in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco and Seattle and Honolulu”, douchebag Council Member Greg Cesar: “where were people going to the bathroom in June?”
2:16:33Dr. Megan Ranney of anti-gun AFFIRM Research to Democracy Now: Trump’s claim that mass shooting is linked to mental illness “is just false”, Neermeen Shaikh: “it’s not an obvious conclusion to draw”, Ranney: research “supports a link between substance use and mass shootings”; Andrew Yang dissolves into tears at Everytown for Gun Safety town hall; red flag laws already in force in California; Andrew Napolitano discusses “serious constitutional problem” with red flag laws; JCD on police photos of assorted gun collections
2:35:23ABC using B-roll for video of “Eggstein” being loaded into ambulance
2:36:14“Cashless millennials” in Canada; ACC’s friend’s bar in Houston closing down due to prevalence of social media and dating apps, JCD on hipsterization of “stinky old bars”
2:41:38Donation Segment: Art Generator “Jitt repository”
3:02:08Joe “gaffe machine” Biden: “we choose truth over facts!”, “poor kids are just as bright … as white kids” flub; Broadcast & Cable magazine: 2020 election to generate $6.5bn in local ad spending; China predicting Biden victory; “we need to kill all men” wins end-of-show iso
3:11:49North Korea fires ballistic missile after apology letter from Kim Jong-un, Trump too cowardly to cancel joint exercises; Jerry Nadler: “this is formal impeachment proceedings!”
3:14:17Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: tweets by former chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti “divisive”