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1161 Replacists (2019-08-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ehhh, da da da da.” (1:36:25)
0:00:31Blaming the President for Columbine, Aurora, and Sandy Hook vs El Paso Walmart and Dayton shootings, no mention of Walmart gun-free zones; “white supremacist” Patrick Crusius’ manifesto: “my opinions on automation, immigration, and the rest predate Trump and his campaign for president”, title The Inconvenient Truth and Christchurch shooter, “response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas”,“political coup” by Democrats pandering to illegal immigrants, Renaud Camus’ Le Grand Remplacement and “replaceist elites”, corporations and The Lorax, WASR-10 vs AR-15 lethality test, opposition to “race mixing”
0:25:27Operation Gladio/B “strategy of tension” and six shootings in a row, incongruity of shooter wearing hearing protection, no mention of psychotropic drugs; Designated Survivor Republican “bio-ethnically targeted infections” to sterilize brown people as seen on Stargate SG-1
0:35:14MSNBC’s Ari Melber grills Marianne Williamson on her vaccine position “given the science and the concern”, $284M spent on lobbying Congress and “even on our news channels”; Williamson squabbles with stammering and constantly interrupting Anderson Pooper over antidepressants and suicide: “I’ve never seen the ads on my show so I don’t know what pharmaceutical companies…”, JCD: “what a liar!”, exasperated “Anderson, let me speak!”, “you are talking about clinical depression as if there is a blood test!”, ACC: “Pooper gets a raise”
0:54:54Infowars “Millennial Millie” asks Andrew Yang about his plan for a news ombudsman: “a lot of people said you did good during the debates, do you feel glad?”; ACC’s “how did you like it” pet peeve; Yang: “the goal is to protect the American people” because of deepfakes of him; JCD on promise of a utopia with robotic workers, ACC on the lack of The Jetsons flying cars
1:03:00Warmonger Mark Levin attacking Tulsi Gabbard; ACC on Twitter bot wars after critiques against Kamala “Hillary” Harris; Gabbard to Pooper: “my take is one of a soldier” on Syria, Assad “disappearing people” meme tying Assad to Russia, ACC: Gabbard hasn’t raised enough money to buy CNN; Chris Cuomo on “the President’s pattern of pounding people of color”
1:13:34Producer Segment: Colin Kaepernick’s indiscretions; JCD white wine recommendation
1:44:40ACC’s old friend Ken Clark on Silicon Valley employees telecommuting from Portland, marijuana surplus at “Walmart of weed”, sail-shaped Austin Google building to accommodate 5,000, “camp anywhere” law in Portland; Mobile Loaves and Fishes nonprofit; KPIX admits Trump’s claim that nearly half of US “unsheltered” are in California is correct, San Francisco Department of Homelessness Director Jeff Kositsky drones on about affordable housing; Amazon home delivery locks designed to consolidate real estate industry
2:02:13Al Jazeera the only outlet reporting Hong Kong civil servants defying orders not to protest, calls for general strike on Monday; producer note: “massacres and civil war”, JCD on potential return of British, CIA payback theory; French immigrant black helmet riots
2:14:37Donation Segment: time zone “glitch”
2:31:08Joe diGenova assures Lou Dobbs that John Durham is “moving with lightning speed” but “it isn’t going to happen quickly”, FBI officials asking to be re-interviewed
2:35:47Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti fired after meeting with Pelosi, under investigation for election finance shenanigans; Green New Deal fake meat push and leaked IPCC draft report on land use, JCD predicts TV native ads
2:42:282009 JCD clips of Berkeley “hikers” with LGY and Hyundai “now it gives you something else: gas” ad; John Legend: Trump “an evil fucking canker sore on America’s whole landscape”