Call Clooney!

1160 VAT Camel (2019-08-01)

Show 1160 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Sign here, maid.” (2:44:09)
0:00:326930 KHz USB pirate simulcast “with some skip”
0:02:35American flag MIA from Democrat debate, “alien” Dana Bash, Jake Tapper’s “Fox studio” flub, lavalier mic issues; NBC on crazy vs crazier split, Marianne Williamson’s “dark psychic force”; Steve Bullock’s Kevin Spacey look; DNC Chairman Tom Perez channels Howard Dean
0:14:50Elizabeth Warren’s Green Industrial Plan “GIP”; Bernie Sanders cut off after “the healthcare industry will be advertising tonight on this program”; Don Lemon’s pointless bigotry question; Marianne Williamson channels Antonio Moore: reparations “payment of a debt that is owed”; unmedicated Joe Biden’s idiotic “go easy on me kid” to Kamala Harris; Tulsi Gabbard nails Harris on marijuana and Kathleen Sebelius healthcare plan; Harris to Anderson Pooper: Gabbard “at zero or one percent” and an Assad apologist; Biden “go to Joe 303… 30” botch
0:36:34Cory Booker name-drops Debbie Stabenow in call for impeachment, “I’ve read the redacted versions of the report”, calls out Biden on “shithole countries”; “Mr. Pickles” Michael Bennet, droopy-mouthed Jay Inslee raves about climate change, Biden “we’re responsible for 15% of all the pollution in the country” gaffe, Inslee “look!”; Andrew Yang’s striped socks and 10% “VAT Camel”, “we also need to start moving our people to higher ground!”
0:50:07Abused British girl sobs about global warming; ACC Red Book: Greta Thunberg rescued from racing yacht en route to UN Climate Action Summit; Biden frets about “eight more years of Donald Trump”; Biden proposes 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations
0:57:36ACC’s pilot podcast with Producer Moe; Hillary’s pivotal “what do you have to lose?” ad; 30 seconds of Biden blathering; “Mr. President, this is America!” iso
1:04:11Nick the Rat donation plea from Sir Chris’ son Felix
1:04:48Producer Segment: photo of spider straddling toilet bowl in Australia
1:22:45Still Report podcast on Joe diGenova’s FBI spying documents about to be released; former Fox pundit Ralph Peters to CNN: Trump too dumb to understand national security briefings
1:32:51ACC OTG: Consumer Reports concerned about vehicle hacking, “9/11 scale attack on America”; Bill Barr gripes about “warrant-proof encryption”; WhatsApp keyword surveillance, JCD on inability of “mass scrutiny” to prevent mass shootings unmentioned at Democrat debate
1:44:23Study finds a third of food delivery drivers sample the goods they are delivering; INVIDI ad for “addressable TV technology” for advertisers; Gillette loses $5bn due SJW ad campaign, JCD: “they bring in their friends!”; Canadian producer note on banks and phone data
1:55:26CBS uses ABBA to illustrate Swedish war on cash; Grand Duke Foley on misuse of Dolby 5.1
2:02:22Donation Segment
2:14:06Producer note on Trump’s nonstandard “hog calling competition” mic setup
2:17:04Bernie Sanders gobbles about Trump’s Baltimore tweets, vs 2015 “third world country”, vs Elijah Cummings 1999 “drug-infested area”; 2018 PBS Rat Film documentary; Office of the Inspector General report on $4.4bn Crime Victims Fund
2:26:22JCD on his expert witness role in AMD-Intel case; lawyer to Jeffrey Epstein at 2009 deposition: “is it true, sir, that you have what’s been described as an egg-shaped penis?”
2:33:57JCD on “crying while eating” YouTube genre; delusional German YouTuber Jörg Sprave on forming union with IG Metall: “FairTube is unbeatable!” (CotD)
2:41:31Rich families transferring guardianship of their children for college financial aid (CotD)
2:45:00Pete Buttigieg compares Trump to an energy-absorbing science fiction alien