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115 Explaining The Health Care Bill (2009-07-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “Of course it’s dope, hello, can you hear us, it’s Adam.
0:00:37JCD: check for solenoids at the Crackpot Command Center, trip with JMD to Alcatraz, grinding through bars with tooth powder and dental floss over course of seven years
0:02:30Obama’s record number of prime-time appearances compared to Bush 43, “dear friend” e-mail from, ACC asleep during healthcare speech; Cleveland Clinic visit, “saved and created jobs”; Nancy Pelosi “jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs, let’s vote for jobs!” kids cheering jingle; ACC’s attempt to read H.R.3200 America’s Affordable Health Choices Act, “and for other purposes”, commissioner to make upwards of $192k, JCD on Pelosi’s effective salary with Boeing 757; noncompliance fine for employers, additional payroll tax on employees of companies over $200k, Atlas Shrugged and bill text parallel; JCD on Washington D.C. bailing out for five weeks’ vacation; electronic fund transfers mystery, JCD: “it sounds like a Nigerian scam”, mandatory ID card
0:18:03Mayo Clinic’s Denis Cortese predicts public option fee-for-service “catastrophe”; effectiveness TRICARE and federal system; federal power of attorney over living will, JCD on living will two-to-the-head, marriage definition; broken promise: committee meetings not on C-SPAN; Kathleen Sebelius dodges CBO “more money” prediction on Meet the Press, Obama: “I wanna be very clear: I will not sign on to any health plan that adds to our deficits over the next decade”, “let me be clear” drinking game; Economic Policy Journal: all businesses that self-insure to be audited, real-time bank account access
0:35:15And Now Back to Real News: ISS astronauts with no toilet, “no big dump for you”, Space Shuttle to the rescue with repair parts
0:37:40LA Times “time bomb for world wheat crop” from Ug99 wheat stem rust fungus from Kenya; theater manager producer note on Food Inc, An Inconvenient Truth carbon offset postcards, ironic popcorn and diet soda; Twitter icon-changers and Iranian elections; GMO gene absorption and cauliflower mosaic virus, real-time gene therapy
0:49:10U.S. military mercenaries making show of bombing Afghan poppy seeds, USAID on scene
0:53:12And Now Back to Real News: two-to-the-head for Chinese worker who lost iPhone prototype; China the ultimate iPhone market or counterfeiter’s dream
0:55:38Comments after Congressional “crap and trade” debate, Democrat on Black Music Month; union ad campaigns all-in on health care bill, urging people to contact Feinstein, broken KNTV promise not to run advocacy ads; ACTA and pharma patents, eyelash-growing drug
1:06:16And Now Back to Real News: girl band Sugarbabes in quarantine for swine flu; 2k to man UK call center, “swine flu buddy” Tamiflu run; human trials in Australia & Canada, “volunteer” six-month-olds; ACC’s doctor friend: Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome “tip of the iceberg”, Gardasil erythema side effect, JCD: request “saline placebo”; non-use of adjuvants in flu vaccines, no minutes from WHO meeting with commissioners; “antibody breeders” science fiction, Baxter International second-quarter profit up 13%
1:19:23Science writer’s lawsuit against WHO and Obama over swine flu euthanasia; Brooke Shields on Latisse for “inadequate or not enough lashes”, “potential for increased brown iris pigmentation, which is likely permanent”
1:22:41Producer note: Cincinnati engineering co-op for-profit; mass immunization exercises in Ontario with First Nations; EU PANFLUVAC in Cannes; $51.54 H1N1 donation, plethora of No Agenda sites & apps; three-hour-old listener for album art;