Call Clooney!

1159 Showly (2019-07-28)

Show 1159 album art
0:00:00JCD: (falsetto)Can I get in your car?” (1:30:16)
0:00:31Six-Week Cycle: Jeff Pegues on arrest of 33-year-old Delowar Mohammed Hossain for planning to join Taliban in order to “take a frickin’ machine gun and just shoot everybody”
0:07:20Stephanie Ruhle accidentally reveals truth of “Robert Mueller’s testiphony”; Mike Huckabee: “the movie turned out to be Weekend at Bernie’s”; Joe diGenova identifies Andrew Weissman as head honcho, Mueller’s “ignominious finale showed him asleep at the hearing”
0:13:23Norah O’Donnell smiling for human interest stories; CBS on Democrats filing suit for grand jury testimony to feed impeachment push, “tough questions” for Pelosi on Ocasio-Cortez dispute, JCD: “what tough questions??”, “the President called Democrats clowns for even pursuing it”; Trump “arrested and jailed” meme; Donny Deutsch flubs “when they go high, w… when they go low, we gotta do whatever we have to do!”, lame “unindicted criminal Trump” nickname; compilation of Joe Scarborough ranting about “Moscow Mitch” McConnell
0:32:09Shooting at Brooklyn block party where residents have been throwing water at police, producer notes on low NYPD morale; Trump all-in on resurrected federalization of police meme
0:39:34CBS on Trump’s “racist” jab at Elijah Cummings and “rat and rodent infested mess” Baltimore distracting from two border-related wins; producer note on the tribulations of living there; ACC-JCD “homeless people, go to Austin” Twitter war; CNN’s Victor Blackwell: “when he tweets about infestation, that’s about black and brown people” (BCotD)
0:50:40Dvorak family weighs in on closed captioning and subtitles, speech pathologist producer note on her cochlear implant EEG research, EEG signal replay demonstration by Dr. Nina Kraus, neuroplasticity and importance of ability to separate speech from noise
1:05:44Sir Chris’ abused child Felix reads harrowing “it’s for our children’s amygdalas” donation plea
1:08:00Producer Segment: JCD: “fourteen is a mature woman!”
1:31:22Mr. Bo Johnson jingle; “dangerous” hiring of “evil genius” Dominic Cummings; bizarre rumors of Trump seeking to import and/or control NHS, ACC story: CVC’s rationed knee MRI
1:40:54Al Sharpton in 2015 calling for Department of Justice to take over police departments; 2009 No Agenda Swine Flu Minute “it’s also here to stay”; Letterman “inflatable Anderson Cooper” joke; ACC on lowbrow Two and a Half Men reruns; North Korean vessel “that may be carrying illegal weapons” with sights on Hawaii; fat-shaming report: obesity linked to global warming; PBS The American Experience on JFK campaign corruption from 1992
1:53:35BBC “eighteen months before global warming kills us” meme; Washington Post headline “Arctic Ocean Getting Warm; Seals Vanish and Icebergs Melt” from November 1922
1:56:43Imam Mohammad Tawhidi tweeting about Ilhan Omar planning to paint her detractors as Saudi shills; Omar to Al Jazeera: Americans “should be more fearful of white men”
2:03:41Neurocrine Biosciences ad for tardive dyskinesia drug, ACC: “I have all these symptoms!”
2:07:08Donation Segment: ACC recommends weekly, monthly, or “showly” subscriptions
2:22:34Daniel Van Schooten to Sharyl Attkisson on Office of Legal Counsel’s torture thumbs-up
2:25:22Second Half of Show: “astroid” 2019 OK near miss; annoying CNN reporter’s mea culpa for WikiLeaks e-mail botch, QAnon links Trump “liddle Adam Schiff” tweet to Liddle Kidz Foundation “touch therapy”, 2009 Standard Hotel hydrochloric acid scare linked to Marina Abramovic & Ghislaine Maxwell; Maxwell’s work at BBC with necrophile Jimmy Savile
2:41:15“Rage and chaos” with protestors winning against police in Hong Kong
2:43:33NBC Comic Book Guy/Sylvester the Cat “Steve” on child attacked by 5,000-pound “bishon”