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1158 Taking a Mueller (2019-07-25)

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0:00:00ACC: “Robert Mueller is my dad!” (0:46:24)
0:00:32ACC: Congress’ grilling of Robert Mueller “cruel”; Mueller’s testimony on Iraqi WMDs; C-SPAN caller rants about “phony and a fraud”; Mueller dodges question about who wrote May 29 press release; Rep. Tom McClintock on omission of exculpatory evidence, Russian troll farm question dodged; overreach typical of Andrew Weissman in bringing down Arthur Andersen
0:14:00JCD 3x3 analysis; Rep. Ted Lieu tries and fails to get sound bite, Mueller walks back his testimony; Mueller forgets it was Ronald Reagan who appointed him; typical “outside our purview” response; Chuck Todd: “on optics, this was a disaster”; Lieu concludes “we have a felon sitting in the White House!”, ACC: “we have a dementia patient in the witness box”; Mueller “not familiar” with Fusion GPS; Rep. Will Hurd confuses Mueller with Alpha Bank
0:30:48Lester Holt wrap-up editorial: testimony will “maybe even reinforce the separate universes in which we often exist”; “can you repeat the question” compilation; Rep. Mike Turner: “you have no more power to declare him exonerated than you have the power to declare him Anderson Cooper”; incoherent C-SPAN caller cut off mid-sentence, ACC do-over worst case scenario
0:46:35Jeffrey Epstein fakes attack or suicide attempt; “suicide” of FBI agent Salvatore Cincinelli
0:50:23Lack of impact from Trump tax cuts further support of modern monetary theory, Goldman Sachs the next big bank to fail; bullish WPP report anticipates SNAP up 25%
0:55:19Local news report on alligator being resuscitated at Florida “zoo-ological park” (JCDPPotD)
0:56:46Law & Order: SVU “it’s more dangerous to drive a car than to take the MMR vaccine” propaganda from 2009; herd immunity meme being used to push Gardasil
1:00:45Producer Segment: more subtitles feedback; people throwing water at NYPD
1:20:22Rod Rosenstein: “we punish mistakes, we punish wrongdoers and we correct mistakes”
1:22:07Cheers for Stephen Colbert announcement of “9/11 first responders bill”
1:26:09Iliza Shlesinger evergreen: “being sexually harassed by an ugly guy is the worst!”
1:27:39Vile New York Times video of abused US children reading notes from ICE detention centers
1:32:33San Diego impounds 2,500 e-scooters during Comic-Con; enterprising “bounty hunters” rounding up scooters; ACC: “these people have homes: it’s under I-35”, ACC “takin’ a Mueller”
1:38:35Producer note mistakenly attributes “AOC hates America” Republican talking point to ACC
1:43:10CBS The Good Fight “pee-pee tape” scenario, “you urinated on the bed where Obama slept” (CotD), “Miss Haiti, the same country Trump called shithole”, “you’ve seen the tape” meme
1:55:38Cory Booker: “my testosterone sometimes makes me want to feel like punching” Trump; delusional Mazie Hirono: “we have to kind of tell everyone how smart we are”
1:59:53Donation Segment
2:11:56Second Half of Show: wacko explains “birds are not real” movement; Radio Free Satan excerpts; eight-foot Baphomet statue at Arkansas state capitol; Satanism on the rise in Canada
2:23:50Boris Johnson’s victory speech anticipates “broadband sprouting in every household”; Obama “ignorant motherfuckers like you” iso from 2009; Indian environment minister in 2009: “not in a position” to commit to legally binding targets; Obama references DNC “leakers” in 2016
2:30:27Oregon schools allowing students to take mental health days, JCD: “homeschool, people!”
2:34:18Steve Mnuchin: “I won’t be talking about Bitcoin in ten years, I can assure you that”
2:37:03David Brooks trots out tired old “vision of a white America” Trump narrative, JCD takes issue with “we’re a country that’s traditionally had the mission to cross frontiers” lie
2:39:37CBS celebrates Apollo 11 with politically correct “one giant leap for humanity”