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1156 Bivotal (2019-07-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “Yak yak yak yak yak!” (1:53:31)
0:00:32Trump gushes over baby in “Q” jumper in North Carolina; Jake Tapper credits Trump with trolling Democrat Party via the “Squad” of Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley; Gab quietly folded into, ACC: “Twitter is now AOL”
0:09:04Marianne Williamson apology prayer at Unity of Houston church/pyramid, “may the screams that were not allowed be allowed now”, producer note: “black people run away from this shit!”, “free-thinking Christian” Oprah; Biden “we need family separation” gaffe
0:19:46Ilhan Omar quotes “Martha Luther King”, “I believe this is a bivotal moment in our country”, Trump Rotation “wants to separate families”, “human beings drinking out of toilets” lie, “this is a president who has called … people who come from black and brown countries shitholes
0:28:37Rep. Al Green introducing articles of impeachment, CBS Evening News ratings plummet due to dead-eyed Norah O’Donnell with pixie haircut, Green: “if you did what the President has done, you would be punished”; NBC on Green’s impeachment push derailed by Pelosi, Bill Barr & Wilbur Ross found in contempt of Congress; “Mary” Pete Buttigieg
0:44:24Steve Mnuchin: cryptocurrency “a national security issue”; Rep. Patrick McHenry to CNBC: even China “can’t kill Bitcoin”; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whines about Libra Association: “were they democratically elected?”, CoinShares’ Meltem Demirors on Bitcoin vs “shitcoin”
0:54:36Bank 4.0 author Brett King on “contextual banking” payday loans in the grocery store, Ant Financial’s prospect of 3bn customers by 2030; Credit Karma man on the street video: credit score “judgment of your ethical character”; misguided shitstorm over tracker-filled FaceApp
1:11:06Bitcoin Cash “still working” at $313; ACC solicits comment on millennials’ use of subtitles
1:13:31Producer Segment: ACC’s memoir Podfather; JCD’s Tacklife T6 car jump starter
1:35:18Eight pointless new lawsuits in Austin against electric scooter companies; ACC chewed out by panhandler after spin class, potential speakers locked out of city council meetings
1:38:30Ursula von der Leyen elected president of German Empire EU Commission; Frans Timmermans makes obscure Dad’s Army “don’t panic!” Brexit reference
1:43:05Jon Stewart outraged at Rand Paul for voting against extension to 9/11 “first responders” fund for victims and their descendants
1:51:52House of Representatives devolves into a shambles after Nancy Pelosi condemns Trump’s “racist tweets”, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver abandons the chair, motion to strike Pelosi’s words voted down, similar accusation from Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman goes unchallenged; Ocasio-Cortez chief of staff lobbing accusations of racism against establishment Democrats, Pelosi: “diversity is our strength, unity is our power (you pigs in human clothing)”
2:10:25Donation Segment
2:23:02Fox News unsure Facebook “Let’s Storm Area 51” participants “are real and not Russian bots”
2:26:20Charges against Kevin Spacey dropped due to destruction of evidence; Vanity Fair predicting Jeffrey Epstein shitstorm; Mika Brzezinski narrates 1992 tape of Trump and Epstein at Mar-a-Lago: “Trump … appears to say to Epstein, look at her back there, she’s hot” (BCotD); NBC’s Stephanie Gosk offers up bogus “but in a 2002 magazine article” rebuttal, expired Austrian passport non-sequitur; ACC looking at peculiar companies Epstein invested in
2:41:25Dr. Robert Epstein to Senate Judiciary Committee: Google steered “between 2.6 and 10.4 million votes” toward Hillary Clinton in 2016 election (CotD), Mazie Hirono: Twitter afraid to use ISIS filter because “it might also catch content posted by Republican politicians”