Call Clooney!

1155 Tump! (2019-07-14)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hey maan, get the band back on!” (1:11:32)
0:00:33Macron’s Bastille Day hoverboard over Champs-Élysées, “original drain the swamp day”; Trump uncharacteristically telegraphing ICE raids vs old “hundreds of sealed indictments” meme; Steve Pieczenik warns ACC against discussing Jeffrey Epstein’s involvement in “Mossad Israeli operative ring” including “one of the greatest crooks in the world” Robert Maxwell and daughter Ghislaine, Clare & Sara Bronfman and NXIVM cult, pedophilia “honey trap”, Trump lying in wait with indictments since 9/11 false flag, Israel-Palestine peace ploy
0:17:57NBC on State Department’s 2015 pedophilia cover-up; Alan Dershowitz in 2015: “I’m filing today a sworn affidavit denying categorically the truth”; Dershowitz downplays Bill Clinton’s visits to Epstein’s island; Ken Starr defends Alex Acosta; perfect distraction of R. Kelly arrest
0:31:09Manhattan grinds to a halt due to blackout; TtK’s $100 emergency cash
0:34:27Starr on absence of trafficking from Florida Epstein case; ACC on Anthony Weiner’s laptop “life insurance” folder, third NYPD officer in a week to commit suicide; Bill de Blasio employee Jacob Schwartz arrested for child pornography; Executive Order 13818
0:44:27CBS on Trump ICE raid hysteria, Rep. Peter King: “they’ve already had their day in court”; #ICERaid Nazis; search warrant tips from Pelosi; Antifa idiot killed attacking ICE facility
0:51:20Elijah Cummings befuddled by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ swearing-in theatrics, weepy “told to drink out of a toilet bowl” script interrupted by fainting attendee, Nancy Drew “our staff dug further”, former ICE Director Tom Homan crushes “not charged with any crime” narrative: “when you enter the country illegally it’s a violation of 8 United States Code 1325”, douchebag Rep. Chuy Garcia accuses Homan of racism, three measures to improve immigration crisis
1:07:50Protestors taunt Joe Biden with “three million deportations … apologize now!” chant
1:09:23Producer Segment: JCD’s Crescent train from Washington D.C. to Atlanta
1:25:06JCD irked at LinkedIn over crippled contacts list download; Fed Chair Jerome Powell on Bitcoin as “speculative store of value” like gold, JCD on 1800s state and bank currencies
1:32:38JCD’s fake Kamala clip with fiery “reparations … are spiritual power!” speech by Marianne Williamson; Harris screeches in South Carolina; Williamson “thank you!”, Biden “President Tump”, and Cummings “that’s why we’re bangin’” isos; ACC’s neighbor’s El Camino; morose Rosie O’Donnell all-in on Elizabeth Warren because of “all that she did with the big banks”; Bill Maher: Biden’s creepy behavior “just life”; JCD proposes testosterone and Adderall
1:45:08Drunk-sounding Biden has a “Democrogs around the world” teleprompter fiasco
1:48:21Angela Merkel still shaking like a leaf; Emmanuel Macron’s Space Force
1:50:09Moon landing footage enhanced by Lowry Digital in 2009; NASA engineer Dick Nafziger on original 14-track tapes with SSTV and telemetry optically upconverted for TV, 45 tapes recorded at 120 inches per second; Westinghouse camera engineer Stanley Lebar: Neil Armstrong images “not what we had simulated … that would concern me for some forty years”
2:06:48OJ Simpson finds he has been hacked when “I had to get some cash for my friends”
2:09:10Donation Segment: JCD generating .htm pages from Word
2:25:42JCD’s compilation of Google Voice “hello? hello? hello?” robocalls
2:29:04Russian thumbs-up for Meridan Highway as part of OBOR Shanghai to Hamburg route; NBC liar Richard Engel on AI and social credit score in China; Puerto Rico governor in hot water over leaked Telegram log; New Republic op-ed bashing Pete Buttigieg
2:38:45Google working on another social network; Trump gripes about Twitter; “great great question”