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1154 Goldfish Invasion (2019-07-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “You’re a moron!” (2:21:57)
0:00:37ACC recommends Showtime’s The Loudest Voice with Russell Crowe as Roger Ailes, control room “anyone else like legs? I like legs!”; Crowe to Stephen Colbert: Ailes seeking dominance over underserved conservative half of the population; leg-shy One America News
0:08:38PBS attorney on “no need to show force, fraud, or coercion” to prosecute Jeffrey Epstein for sex trafficking, JCD’s seventeen-year-old streetwalker scenario, Chuck Schumer agitates for Alex Acosta’s resignation or firing, William Barr recused over potential conflict of interest; PBS blames rich white men, JCD recommends Iceberg Slim’s Pimp
0:21:15ACC’s radio discussion of Joris Demmink with Mischa Kat; The View “he has to resign!” clamor; JCD on projecting Joe Biden’s creepy behavior onto Trump; Vanity Fair author Conchita Sarnoff on potential 2008 election “political mess”, Alberto Gonzales and Robert Mueller calling the shots; victim attorney Bradley Edwards on “little black book” from dead housekeeper, list of global elites; Acosta dodges question about co-conspirators by falling back on DoJ “guidelines”; Edwards on Trump’s cooperation with investigators in 2009; Ponzi scheming mentor Steven Hoffenberg; Anne Coulter on mysterious origins of Epstein’s money, state-sponsored blackmail theory; Acosta dodges “rabbit hole” question about Epstein as intelligence asset; Alan Dershowitz on the defensive, ACC: “it’s blackmail, possibly FBI spying”, JCD: “why isn’t he dead?”; James Comey’s daughter on prosecution team, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter’s odd “faves” tweet; Boys Town USA and Bush-era White House gay prostitutes
0:53:17“Goldfish invasion” in the Great Lakes; former New York banker’s “we won” revisited
1:00:09VE7DXW RF Seismograph notes propagation blackout coincident with Ridgecrest quake
1:03:31Producer Segment
1:26:1515 children dead in hot car deaths, ACC: “put the kid on a leash”; federal court blocks H&HS “power to enforce” rule requiring prices in drug ads, ACC on free medication fine print
1:30:59PBS on marijuana legalization push, ageist “generational replacement”, “marijuana use disorder”, ACC’s recent “don’t tell me I’m gonna scromit” experience
1:37:39CNN ditching Democrat debate shows of hands to prohibit idiotic free healthcare promises, interruption penalty box; Kamala Harris still attacking Joe Biden; Antonio Moore critiques Harris’ housing plan: “I don’t know how this woman is running!”; Credit Karma style proposal
1:46:54J’Johnson on the danger of undocumented immigration decriminalization, dismissive Judy Woodruff: “so continue to keep, keep it illegal to cross the border”
1:49:14Democracy Now on Women’s World Cup “tick-er tape pa-rade”, Megan Rapinoe “you’re excluding people that look like me” SJW talking points for Anderson Pooper, “this country” vs “the leaders of our country”, JCD: “she’s a bully”; Nike “I believe” ad; Procter & Gamble Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard to ADCOLOR conference on “the talk” ad; regulators beginning to scrutinize discriminatory online marketing; Tide ad with racial slurs in ketchup
2:07:37Donation Segment
2:20:50Appeals court rules Trump cannot block his detractors in Twitter; White House Social Media Summit; British Ambassador Kim Darroch resigns over anti-Trump cables, Darroch in 2017: “we couldn’t have had a warmer or more gracious welcome”
2:28:45Internal Google petition against Breitbart from Project Veritas; un-vocoded “whistleblower”
2:31:49Christine Lagarde on Bitcoin and Silicon Valley in banking sector; INSTEX a flop with Iran
2:36:29Tesla superchargers being taken offline in Utah due to failure to pay rent