Call Clooney!

1153 Pink Pound (2019-07-07)

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0:00:00ACC: “Ahahaha, he’s goin’ down!” (0:36:08)
0:00:32Untimely demise of ACC’s air conditioner; JCD unaffected by 6.4 magnitude earthquake in “the middle of the Mojave Desert”; aftershocks in British Columbia driving survival kit sales; proximity to Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake; JCD on PC Computing staff nonplussed by “bone rattler” low note “that they used to kill people”
0:09:35Mark Geragos to Adam Carolla on Reasonable Doubt podcast on Nike’s market cap spike, information leaked to Wall Street Journal by “disgruntled somebody” at Nike, target demographic “people who have a viewpoint”
0:22:00BBC’s fast-talking Andrew Doyle gripes about LGBT exploitation by virtue signaling corporations chasing the “pink pound”; LBC’s Katie Hopkins in 2016 on Brexit and safety pins
0:26:51Compilation of M5M bitching about Independence Day “combination Trump rally Kim Jong-un style military parade” (BCotD), rain-streaked ballistic glass and obscured Lincoln Memorial, army “took over the airports” gaffe blamed on teleprompter malfunction
0:34:32Jeffrey Epstein arrested on new sex trafficking and conspiracy charges a week after unsealing of court documents implicating Trump, Trump’s Bill Clinton “got a lotta problems coming up … with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein” comment to Sean Hannity at CPAC 2015
0:39:44PBS on Trump’s attempt to get citizenship question on “we’re finding out everything about everybody” census; slipshod NBC report goes off on July 4 and Joe Biden tangents; 2000 Census director Kenneth Prewitt conflates illegal aliens with Japanese Americans in 1942
0:49:06Biden on Russian interference in Hungary and Poland: “you think that would have happened on my watch or Barack’s watch?”, ACC: “it did actually happen on your watch, Joe Biden!”
0:51:44US vs Netherlands 2-0 in Women’s World Cup
0:54:20Butthurt Mastodon “social justice warrior retards” whine about Gab fork seeking to “monetize and platform racist content while hiding behind the banner of free speech”, ACC: “these little fucks are pissed off that someone is actually willing to pay Gab money to use their server!”
1:08:20Producer Segment
1:24:04Don Lemon and April Ryan bickering about whether Kamala Harris is “black enough”; Roland Martin blames “asinine black folks”; Harris’ Essence Festival “good morning!” litany, “I am a daughter of the civil rights movement” lie, “current occupant of the White House” meme
1:40:21BLM cofounder Alicia Garza describes Black Census Project to interviewer who can say nothing but “wow”, Black Futures Lab sponsored by Chinese Progressive Association
1:51:19Trailer for Netflix Active Measures anti-Putin propaganda; Noam Chomsky: Russian collusion amounted to “minor corruption”; $10bn projected to be spent in 2020 campaigns
1:58:07MSF uptalker Trish Newport on scarcity of experimental Canadian ebola vaccine: “I can’t imagine the outbreak if we didn’t have it”; confidential contract with Merck and IP dispute
2:09:16Donation Segment
2:21:37Ampex 2 inch reels from Apollo 11 to be auctioned just in time for 50th anniversary
2:28:29Sam Harris muses that Industrial Society and its Future is “a slightly crazy document” that is “better reasoned and modulated than half of what I see on Twitter”
2:31:30Heat wave in Canada; Mad magazine shuttering after 67 years, JCD on licensing Alfred E. Neuman, ACC on “porn taint” and fold-in feature; 57 shootings in Chicago
2:36:28Gavin Newsom: phoenix is symbolic of San Francisco which “rose from those asses”
2:37:25British reality show Love Island linked with social media to two suicides coming to US