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1151 Brand Purpose (2019-06-30)

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0:00:00ACC: “Bleh, bleh, ruhruhruhruh, vrrrr!” (0:47:28)
0:00:32Producer points out ACC’s overuse of “y’know”, Tourette’s verbal tic control superpower
0:04:56ABC on Joe Biden “looking for a do-over” after being savaged by Kamala Harris, “that little girl was me” school busing story; John Fletcher “justice!” scream; “murky” position on private health insurance; Gayle King gushes over Harris; JCD on Berkeley school busing
0:19:28David Brooks & Mark Shields gripe about lack of Democrat moderates, Julián Castro’s “incredible wokeness” pandering with “trans females” botch; Biden goes off the rails with “I don’t buy that” of Obama, first job as president getting rid of Trump; Harris: Trump “greatest national security threat”, rehearsed “food fight” vs climate change obsession; Brooks on Harris as “forceful arguer”, Joy Reid birther shitstorm over Don Jr.’s deleted “American Black” retweet
0:33:42NBC millennials question Harris victory, Biden “a distraction”; Castro pushing for open borders via Section 1325 repeal; rumors of immigration fraud by Ilhan Omar marrying her brother
0:40:53Ask Adam: millennial panel crowns Julián Castro and ignores Marianne Williamson; ignorant Andrew Yang bitches about mic level; Beto O’Rourke blames border crisis on global warming: “you have no choice but to come here!”; Stacey Abrams admits she may yet enter the race; Van Jones whines about Biden’s poor showing as “a bad night for Democrats”; moderator José Díaz-Balart: Obama administration “deported more than three million Americans” (BCotD)
0:57:28Compilation of candidates spewing “nothing he will not do” vitriol at Trump
1:00:07Producer Segment: producer irked by JCD’s mudflats theory
1:21:16Maxine Waters’ gravels and MAGA hats made in China; “censorship of the right” shitstorm; JCD on CNET banner ads; Simon Sinek: “the goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe”; Jobs-era “contribution to the world” mission statement vs 2019’s dismal “defining the future of mobile media … with iPad”, Twitter’s original “power to create and share ideas” vs “be one of the top revenue-generating internet companies”, MAGA vs “I’m with her”, companies buying inspiration by jumping aboard Pride Month; danger of brands embracing positions on social issues; Nike swoosh-studded soccer star Megan Rapinoe: “I’m not going to the fuckin’ White House”; $107bn spent on digital advertising in 2018
1:42:45Brand safety webinar on costs of bad positioning; litany of 2017 digital advertising scandals; WPP CEO Mark Read: “we spend eight billion dollars across Google and Facebook”, “Snap is coming back” because controversy automatically disappears, Brand Safety Floor framework including “sensitive social issues”; JCD on Media Matters providing the model
1:59:51Reddit brand advertising executive Mary Ann Belliveau on “anti-evil teams”, pervasive moderation, r/The_Donald quarantine; transgender producer on training algos for Google Rewards
2:07:37Donation Segment
2:21:38Producer notes on Biden’s no-bankruptcy student debt, MIA Illinois marijuana legalization ballot initiative; Judy Woodruff “hello to both of you!” iso; “social media spy” producer note on exposing insurance fraud, JCD’s useless Twitter followers, Facebook Graph Search dead
2:31:35Boris Johnson’s potentially staged distraction from incoherent “model bus hobby” interview; BBC report on Angela Merkel’s shaking attack abruptly cut off, visible facial edema
2:42:28ABC on Trump-Putin meeting “like old friends”; journalist Andy Ngo attacked by Portland Antifa with cement milkshakes; CNN obsessed with Stephanie Grisham’s North Korean bruises
2:52:05Potential issue of INSTEX Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges between Iran and EU
2:55:17NewsHour on Jimmy Carter calling Trump an illegitimate president, Judy’s tongue-click tell