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1150 Gender Justice (2019-06-27)

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0:00:00JCD: (dramatic gasps) (0:36:48)
0:00:36ACC’s Comedor bug dinner with former New York banker
0:04:23Sympathy for audio engineer at Democrat debate dog and pony show; ACC’s O-bot dinner as origin of Castro win prediction, lack of height equalization; NBC panel of uptalking millennials irked at Beto O’Rourke’s gratuitous Spanish, consensus on Castro win, “awesome!”
0:17:05Tulsi Gabbard buttslams Tim Ryan over his gung-ho attitude toward Afghanistan: “as a soldier I will tell you that answer is unacceptable”, correction to claim that Taliban “started flyin’ planes into our buildings” on 9/11; condescending Spanish use, idiotic Hollywood tweets, immigration debate forced by Trump, Jay Inslee’s shit-eating grin; next up: Biden, Bernie, and Mayor Pete; “spook novelty” Buttigieg botching South Bend police shooting
0:31:27White NBC panel flogs “reproductive justice” talking point; Antonio Moore urges Bernie Sanders to favor $10T in ADoS reparations over college debt forgiveness
0:42:21Former New York banker all-in on printing trillions under Modern Monetary Theory, JCD on growth of income inequality under Reagan-era prosperity; Austin homeless population as sign of prosperity and decadence, JCD: “Louise, was that a dead man you stepped over?
0:51:52Great Britain as “the world’s biggest polluter”, “climate debt” as financial instrument, open letter demanding action from investors managing $34T including CalPERS; JCD irked by Buffett and Norquist pledges; New York banker all-in on direct current electrical transmission
1:01:45Producer Segment: ACC’s neighbor Steve’s “I’m a douchebag”; JCD’s photo hoard
1:17:43Victory for “Soros sista” SJW DA Tiffany Cabán; top EU “boys’ club” jobs up for grabs by female candidates for the sake of “gender balance”; another shaking fit by Angela Merkel
1:25:34Weirded-out Anderson Pooper cuts to commercial during E. Jean Carroll’s account of sexual assault by Trump, “I think most people think of rape as being sexy”, “you’re fascinating to talk to” (CotD); Carroll’s account to Joy Reid eerily similar to Law & Order: SVU episode
1:32:09Portland surveilling its citizens with Google subsidiary Sidewalk Labs’ Replica software; Center for Humane Technology’s Tristan Harris to Senate hearing on “increasing asymmetry of power” between users and Silicon Valley, infinitely scrolling feeds and “mass narcissism”, Facebook “loyalty prediction”; Rep. Max Rose scolds big tech for lack of terrorism monitoring
1:46:40Project Veritas “dude in the dark with a vocoder” whistleblower on Google’s “machine learning fairness”, executives “trying to sell you a product that is not objectionable … not objective” flub; “trove!” of internal documents addressing “algorithmic unfairness”; ACC: “YouTube reminds me of MTV”; leaked memo referring to Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro as a Nazi
1:59:12ACC OTG: iPhone 5 on iOS 10.3.3 locked down with Privacy Pro VPN
2:06:18Donation Segment
2:21:28Illinois legalizes recreational marijuana and prepares to expunge 800k convictions without need for ballot initiative; San Francisco to ban e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco; nine-year-old Texas drag queen Kween KeeKee parrots “you can be a vegetarian, you can even be a veterinarian”, ACC: “gender justice!”; several more fleets of electric scooters headed to Austin
2:30:36$4.6bn Senate Bill for US-Mexico border; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gripes about “concentration camps”; Adam Schiff projects “the cruelty is part of their policy”; bonanza for Office of Refugee Resettlement NGOs; former Japanese prisoners protest “the repetition of history”
2:38:40Bitcoin spikes near $13k, Invesco’s Kristina Hooper not so sure about calling it a safe haven
2:40:45First Notre Dame mass since fire with attendees all wearing hard hats