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114 Obama’s Pitch (2009-07-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “Put on some clothes!
0:00:35JCD compares San Francisco lofts to minimum security prisons; ACC in “survivalist mode”, credit card banking overseas, Visa Protection Plan fail, BlackBerry AT&T World Connect suspensions and no service for you!! phone Nazi, producer note on AT&T nightmare, JCD’s scathing PC Magazine column, customer advocate program
0:11:23Obama’s first pitch at All-Star Game, ACC: “it’s the gayest pitch you’ve ever seen in my life”, “Kevlar underwear” and “mom jeans”, Mariah Carey’s pathetic pitch, Bill Gates taught how to throw a baseball; Obama “mandatory volunteer” program PSA, Corporation for National and Community Service big business
0:20:41Producer blog post on unemployment debit cards with Visa taking a chunk; former CNCS IG Gerald Walpin suing over politically-motivation firing by Obama; featured legislation, Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, CARD Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act summary and “fact sheet”, tracking and reporting to government; JCD on traveling with American Express, gas and tennis shoes stolen card profile, ACC on high American Express fees, JCD recommends Mechanics Bank
0:29:28Producer: other Obama doing TV gigs; Onondaga County Michigan hate crime conviction
0:30:49ACC Alive raw food restaurant review: sunflower seed puree in everything, “the price was an outrage”; Whole Foods “big organic”
0:35:47YouTube stats: 15 hours per minute uploaded, Google losing $500M per year
0:37:54Producer John Steck’s Wall Street Journal “Enron prisons” in Colorado; marijuana a potential $17bn industry in California
0:43:43Swine flu vaccine adjuvant aluminum hydroxide, experimental Novartis chemical MF59, indemnification from lawsuits, FDR’s possible death from Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome, WHO authority to call for mandatory vaccinations
0:57:14ACC calls for agent to counteract adjuvants; YouTube video on evidence of laboratory origin, FluGen and virus extracted from body of Inuit woman, fishy “tweak the virus”, Bilderberg eugenicists and population; experimental vaccines and military, Fort Detrick; expected increase when children return to school at end of summer; aluminum in deodorant and chemtrails
1:10:40Donation Segment
1:14:40International Swine Flu Conference in August, “mass fatality management planning” session
1:18:05July wheat futures up $6 on news of Monsanto GMO wheat; Food, Inc getting rave reviews; mass evacuation bus and swine flu ambulance