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1149 Couple of Reds (2019-06-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “Arrest him!” (0:14:56)
0:00:33ACC’s soundproofing panels courtesy of Sir Blake; exiting through international airport gift shops, Gatwick BLOC hotel’s unfriendly “brand shower”, JCD: “it’s very convenient, it’s right over the bed”; Horowitz faffing about with podcasting setup; Austin-Bergstrom baggage clog
0:10:03Delta app boarding pass meltdown, CEO on “full biometrics facility” in Atlanta with amusing overuse of “facial”, ACC: “does the guy ever watch porn?”; Joe Rogan botches Ted Kaczynski’s goals; JCD’s nonexistent arrival at COMDEX party in helicopter
0:20:22Idiot “I’m confused” Mazie Hirono asserts illegal immigrants are only illegal because of Trump
0:25:31Black producer note on H.R.40 reparations as line in the sand “for services rendered to the Democrat Party”, Rev. Manning “and the nigga failed” rant, ADOS American Descendants of Slavery and Yvette Carnell; Antonio Moore on being marginalized by the Mueller distraction
0:41:22MSNBC “Boulé negroes” Joy Reid and Shireen Mitchell try to trace #ADOS to Russian trolls, “huge uptick in bot activity” after Kamala Harris’ announcement; black California city council speaker denounces racism of sanctuary cities; Candace Owens on “what do you have to lose” question from Trump, new #BlackNotDemocrat; JCD on the ever-increasing size of the Latino vote; Carnell & Moore not invited to hearing; Carnell’s “sick of Joy Reid” revisited
0:57:54Rob Reiner’s condescending NowThis News video with Robert De Niro, George Takei, and Martin Sheen lying about the Mueller Report: Russia “interfered in the presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion”, report “contains the most damning evidence ever compiled against a sitting US president”, “he admitted that in a future election, he would break the law and do it all over again”, ACC: De Niro “reminded me of a hairball that a cat pukes up”
1:07:05Producer Segment: Canadian “climate emergency”; karma jingle dog howl
1:25:25Trump’s “Twitter rattle” for Iran in context; sketchy concern for 150 Iranian deaths; Iranian general posing with drone wreckage vs “clearly over international waters”; leaked target list causing mission abort; bloodthirsty Sean Hannity frets about “potential Holocaust … that’s it, it’s mathematical”; Trump’s odd “in this case Iranians”; another JCD edit of babbling Mark Shields; Pompeo-Bolton false flag theory; Washington Post cites “people familiar with the matter” reporting US cyberattack, former official Thomas Bossert an Atlantic Council spook
1:47:17More well-organized demonstrations in Hong Kong against extradition
1:49:11Philadelphia suspends 70 police officers over “violent, racist, and sexist” Facebook posts, JCD: “it’s bullshit!”; Austin City Council removes homeless camping ban, douchebag Mayor Steven Adler delighted at opportunity to “learn and apply”; JCD on millennials’ reluctance to order pizza; Austin ColdFusion PDFs; “quality of life challenges of the unhoused” euphemism
2:03:18240 injured in anti-Russian riots in Georgia; German millennials protesting climate change, especially in “the global south”; minimal overall impact of electric vehicles in CO2 reduction
2:09:39Donation Segment
2:20:34Bernie Sanders argues for $15 minimum wage for Walmart employees; Second Amendment supporter Killer Mike all-in on Bernie; “working people” codeword used between “a couple of reds”; Tom Llamas on Hunter Biden’s sketchy business dealings; Mayor Pete heckled by BLM
2:35:58JCD on deadly hydrofluoric acid process used at Philadelphia refinery destroyed by fire
2:40:19Measles outbreak fizzles on heels of vaccination mandate; London murder rate tops New York’s
2:41:55Oregon Republicans on strike to block climate bill; Supreme Court rules Manhattan Neighborhood Network public access TV not subject to First Amendment