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1148 Twitter Rattling (2019-06-20)

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0:00:00ACC: “The brand! And it’s the brand, and the brand lives and the brand speaks and the brand listens and people connect to the brand!” (0:38:17)
0:00:39ACC in Algarve region of southern Portugal, easyJet flight full of rowdy Brits; ubiquitous HTTP error 451 thanks to GDPR; flacon WIT “wine in a tube”
0:09:31“Ordah!” furor in British Parliament as SNP’s Ian Blackford calls Boris Johnson a racist, buttslammed by Theresa May; candidate Margrete Vestager seeking “gender-balanced” European Commission; Angela Merkel “shaking life a leaf” at meeting with Ukrainian president
0:22:38Four Russians indicted in MH17 shootdown, Dutch-accented “and one and one and one is five”
0:26:08Iran’s “very big mistake” shooting down US drone according to Trump “Twitter rattle”; producer note on F-15s headed to Middle East; BBC hysteria over “ten days” enrichment timeline
0:34:03Mailchimp getting in on the “gatekeepers of society” deplatforming trend; JCD groans as Ogilvy Worldwide’s John Seifert spews Cannes Lions festival marketing gobbledygook at a giddy Maria Bartiromo; YouTube suspending comments on videos with minors
0:42:44Cognizant Facebook content moderators talk to The Verge about animal torture videos; new oversight bill by Sen. Josh Hawley; ACC predicts 21st century AOL, “block Gab in advance” e-mails; virtue signaling “chaos factory” Stanford commencement speech by Tim Cook; Gab’s Dissenter rejected by iOS App Store; ACC on the bigotry of blocking domains over bigotry
0:59:01Producer Segment: JCD on the impossibility of photographing New Orleans and Marla Maples
1:22:57Democracy Now on Queens DA candidate Tiffany Cabán all-in on decriminalizing misdemeanors, New York Times “mistaking punishment for the only form of justice” endorsement, “sure!” buzzer; ACC vows to take a page from Mimi’s book on making trouble
1:30:12Resurrection of Rep. John Conyers’ bill to study reparations for the “inconvenience” of slavery, JCD: “dear black community, pay attention, we will give you money if you stay with the Democrat party!”; Ta-Nehisi Coates invokes Jim Crow, Coleman Hughes: “the moment you give me reparations, you’ve made me into a victim without my consent”, Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee’s creative math “the percentage of black children living in poverty is more than 150%”, former NFL player Burgess Owens: “how about the Democratic Party pay for all the misery brought to my race”, JCD on Dwyane Wade and anti-family Justice Democrats
1:44:48Trump’s Florida speech announcing reelection campaign with “big-toothed comely blondes” never to be found in the Bernie Sanders crowd, new “Sleepy Joe … the sleepy guy” circumfix, brain surgery card as yet unplayed, JCD predicts Biden-Harris ticket
1:56:11UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard’s investigation into Jamal Khashoggi killing concludes there should be an investigation, “coincidence” of Turkey pushing for sanctions and Callamard’s degree from Başkent University, US arms sale to Saudi Arabia at stake
2:03:47Donation Segment: /acc migrating from Twitter to Mastodon
2:18:44Facebook announces Libra cryptocurrency in bid to “reshape the world’s financial systems” to the chagrin of Maxine Waters, and Liberty Dollars; David Dayen to Democracy Now on “serious regulatory concerns”; JCD’s bogus Social Security phone call
2:29:58UK bans TV ads with “harmful gender stereotypes” like little girls as ballerinas
2:33:13Trump walks back his “big mistake” pronouncement on Iran’s drone shootdown
2:34:05Amy Goodman lies about acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan’s “domestic violence against his ex-wife”, CBS: “when police arrived, she was the one charged with assault”, arrested for vandalizing her business partner’s Mercedes C230 with a sledgehammer