Call Clooney!

1147 OTARD (2019-06-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh, you’re hurting me!!” (2:19:55)
0:00:33Target cash registers disabled by “technical glitch”; Jeopardy! attributes term to John Glenn
0:05:15ACC & TtK at Belle Isle Castle in Northern Ireland, Titanic-Olympic switcheroo theory, Titanic Studios Game of Thrones sets; London’s Speakers’ Corner empty; hearing aid telecoil in cab; easyJet “end-to-end biometrics trial”, travel tip: retain train ticket to exit station
0:23:33Flights grounded due to Collins ADS-B and GPS units bricked by update “glitch”; Amazon CTO Werner Vogels on the amorality of its technologies: “we also make guns with steel”
0:31:29NPR hysteria over obviously fake “national security concern” Zuckerberg video, Adam Schiff invokes “standard of care”, uptalker Lindsay Gorman whines about technology “available only to sophisticated machine learning experts”; tradition of Law & Order bad acting clips
0:39:38Sen. Mark Warner agitates for legislation against social media fakery “the way the Russians did on Facebook in 2016”; Pelosi’s “legislate, investigate, litigate agenda” with H.R.2853 Duty to Report Act for “foreign oppo… offers of assistance”; Thomas Drake’s “never talk to the FBI”
0:51:03CBS on Trump’s preparations for 2020 campaign; JCD’s attempt to report robocalls to FBI
0:55:04O.J. Simpson takes to Twitter with “some gettin’ even to do”, ACC proposes The JuiceCast
1:00:07BBC’s Andrew Neil: “a podcast! I mean, is there no limit to the depths of depravity to which BBC schedulers are prepared to sink?”
1:01:22Producer Segment: ACC’s early 1980s Countdown show in Portugal
1:26:56Steve Pieczenik on North Korean tourism program; JCD on spectacle of annual Mass Games
1:33:23Japanese oil tanker in Gulf of Oman attacked on heels of Shinzo Abe’s visit to Iran, Trump declares “it’s probably got, essentially, Iran written all over it”, “grainy video footage” of Iranian military removing mine; neocon Washington Institute for Near East Studies’ Patrick Clawson on US tradition of starting wars with false flags, “Iranian submarines periodically go down, someday one of them might not come up”; RT panel on convenient excuse for media to blame “designated culprit”; Mike Morell on danger of escalation by Saudi Arabia or UAE
1:48:51RT’s Rick Sanchez on US arresting Julian Assange for “writing something, saying something, or publishing something it doesn’t want decimated”, Chris Hedges on “legally bizarre” Espionage Act charges; JCD on parallel with Chinese extradition; Hedges on chilling effect of Obama administration’s Espionage Act abuses; Pieczenik’s “counter-coup” revisited
1:57:49Gulf of Oman attacks yet another failure on the part of Bolton and Pompeo
2:01:20Donation Segment: “JewBu” Jewish Buddhist sacred 108
2:17:15No Agenda curiously absent from PC Magazine’s “The Best Podcasts for 2019”; Trump-hater Ben Shapiro’s resignation from Breitbart over bogus Lewandowski arm-grabbing incident
2:22:15California classifying hydroelectric as nonrenewable; Justin Trudeau epic fail: “we have recently switched to drinking water bottles out of, water out of, when we have water bottles, out of plastic, sorry, away from plastic towards paper, like drink box water bottles sort of things”
2:25:50FCC quietly extending OTARD Over The Air Reception Device rule to apply to 5G hubs
2:32:22Office of Special Counsel accuses Kellyanne Conway of violating Hatch Act by promoting Ivanka Trump’s clothing line; FEC irked by Trump’s “it’s not interference, it’s information!” to George Stephanopoulos; OSC ignoring mandate to protect federal employees; Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ departure announced; Trump dodges question about UFO sightings
2:42:55“Searing” heat wave in India; Hong Kong backs down on extradition arrangement inspired by Poon Hiu-wing suitcase murder