Call Clooney!

1145 Dumb Meat (2019-06-09)

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0:00:00ACC: “Close it down!! Close the website down!!” (0:44:49)
0:00:33Third place on Liberty Nation list of Top 10 Conservative Podcasts to Download in 2019
0:05:42Michael Gove’s “young journalist” cocaine admission and bid for Prime Minister; HAG whacks Tony Rodham, no cause of death released; 2015 clips: CNN panel gives Rodham brothers a pass, Clinton Cash revelations about Rodham’s gold mining permit from Haitian government
0:15:54Glenn Greenwald on “Vox Adpocalypse”: YouTube siding with “the most powerful faction”; convenient timing for New York Times investigative piece “The Making of a YouTube Radical”
0:22:47PC Magazine and the origin of banner ads; ACC stories: Budweiser and MTV Spring Break, OnRamp & Think New Ideas, hysterical calls from Reebok, AT&T, and Oracle; JCD story: Microsoft demanding free PC Magazine Brazil ads; advertisers promised “brand-safe exposure”
0:38:29YouTube’s $8bn in ad revenue, New York Times article on YouTube’s switch to reinforcement learning algorithm to retain user eyeballs, TV Upfronts 2019 promising “brand-safe space for ads”; Reuters article: networks “plan to drive the knife further into digital rivals”, JCD: “what took them so long?”; Steven Crowder demonetized but still encouraged to publish videos on YouTube; Twitter’s algorithmic tweet deletion throwing conversations into chaos; Google using Section 230 to assert it is both a publisher and a non-publisher; New York Times “weaponized to spread disinformation” articles; ACC: “report everything as hate speech”
1:08:46Boeing 737 MAX and ODA program allowing bypass of FAA inspection, Obama: “I’m expecting a gold watch from Boeing … because I know that I’m on the list of top salesmen”
1:12:21Producer Segment: studio naming rights; producer CIA “swap out the green phone” story
1:37:28“My aircraft” protocol; Bob Hope in 1940 film The Ghost Breakers on Democrats as zombies
1:38:51Trump ditches 2024 Moon mission and fixes his sights on Mars; astronaut Don Pettit: “we don’t have the technology to do that any more”; NASA’s Gene Kranz and Dave Williams on missing telemetry data; NASA to open ISS to tourists to the tune of $58M per round trip
1:43:20Six Week Cycle: Queens man Ashiqul Alam entrapped by FBI into buying handguns with defaced serial numbers over a period of ten months because of “suspicious behavior” on social media; Ars Technica reporter “DrPizza” Peter Bright arrested as part of Pedobear network
1:49:37Swedish BRA airline’s “environment class”: $30 for “a fully climate-compensated sustainable biofuel ticket”, propeller planes “super environmentally friendly”; New Consensus’ Rhiana Gunn-Wright: 1.5° of warming will cause “150 million deaths, that’s 25 Holocausts, right?”; Prof. Helen Berry to NPR on addressing climate and mental health “so we can eventually get the scientific answers that we want”; DNC threatens to blacklist 2020 candidate Jay Inslee
2:05:27Donation Segment: $69.69 resurrected
2:18:06Nashville threatening electric scooter ban over riders’ idiotic shenanigans; producer note on lawyers for the blind eyeing the situation; Austin chickens out on panhandling ban vote
2:21:31Dogs Are People Too: Game of Thrones direwolf mania causing spike in abandoned huskies; “dog-friendly movie theater” in Texas; JCD: chicken “dumb meat”, Slovenia horse meat story
2:29:40Clip Blitz: Rep. Richard Neal uninterested in Trump’s state taxes, Mnuchin defying subpoenas; Nadler & Pelosi at odds over impeachment; Sudan suspended from African Union; YouTube to ban content “denying well-documented events”; Trump bans US cruise ships from Cuba; Walmart to deliver food directly to refrigerators
2:33:19ACLU irked by last-minute US-Mexico migration and asylum deal
2:38:18Canadian MP Karina Gould scolds Twitter for not committing to election censorship