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1144 Climate Optimist (2019-06-06)

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0:00:00ACC: “I also like women’s clothing!” (1:02:09)
0:00:33JCD upset at the slaughter of innocent watermelons
0:01:19“Vox Adpocalypse” YouTube demonetization of Steven Crowder for attacking Vox Media’s Carlos Maza, ACC: “this is decommercialization” of brand unsafe material, JCD on ludicrous “sign the petition!” weenies; Maza video on M5M “gatekeeping” and “Republican front group” Fox News; JCD story: New York Times editor “shocked” at self-censorship to protect advertisers; Tucker Carlson scraping the bottom of the barrel to find advertisers
0:20:09Jeff Zucker compares “state-run TV” Fox, “the opposition” MSNBC, and CNN “seeking the truth”, JCD: “the other thing to consider is that he’s deluded!”, ACC streaming MSNBC into his hearing aids 24/7; Brian Stelter on Daily Beast doxxing poster of slowed-down Pelosi video: “it’s just one person with video-editing software tricking people!”
0:33:35Jared Kushner grilled by Axios Media over birther racism, lame “I wasn’t really involved in that”, ACC: “ask Hillary”; ACC’s hairdresser brings up 1989 Central Park Jogger case
0:40:23PBS “Amateur Hour” with Yamiche Alcindor on D-Day celebration in UK; Good Morning America screeches about vast protest “expected to gather” in Trafalgar Square; Trump and “stone cold loser” Sadiq Khan trading barbs; Trump supporter arrested for popping Trump diaper balloon; Brian Eno’s Stop the War Coalition with professionally-printed “plack-ards”
0:49:12Sadiq Khan’s Elle UK US-bashing video; “negative force” meme for Corbyn & Khan; trade deal vs NHS meme; “Sadiq Khan is a stone cold loser” iso; media ignoring Melania’s fashion
1:03:06Judy Woodruff goads Yamiche Alcindor into lying about Trump’s lies, “Nazis thinking of trying to build a nuclear weapon” vs Churchill and nuclear threat; Trump to Piers Morgan on climate change, Prince Charles’ “passion for future generations”, ACC suggests “I am a climate optimist”; Trump signals willingness to talk to Hassan Rouhani; Trump royal bloodline and Rockefellers vs Rothschilds; Twitter storm over Meghan Markel “nasty” comment
1:14:37Producer Segment: JCD’s Russian matryoshka dolls; ACC recommends Texas oryx farms
1:37:20“Pancy Explosi” botches oath of office “supporting and defending the Constitution”, widespread belief that impeachment equals removal from office, convoluted “you get impeached, and it’s an indictment”; douchebag Jamie Raskin unaware Nixon was not impeached and Clinton was
1:46:54Australian Federal Police raid journalist’s home and Australian Broadcasting Corporation offices; Paul Manafort and Julian Assange “coincidence”; Rand Paul irked by John Brennan’s surviving security clearance; Steve Pieczenik’s internet “counter-coup” against Clintons from Show 874 revisited: Assange handling “the e-mails that we gave to him”; JCD’s criminology class textbook The Third Degree; ACC Red Book: Assange released as spy by military court
2:02:03Hillary Clinton in 2015: “they’re not gonna see me turn white in the White House!
2:02:44Austin voting to repeal panhandling ban; “homeless hookers” vs First Amendment; producer notes on homeless immune from all misdemeanors, social work failures in Sacramento
2:14:03Donation Segment
2:28:29Producer’s budget for six-week mainstream media podcast production
2:31:39Amazon pushing Ring doorbell surveillance network with Neighbors app, JCD on creeps looking at “Miss Jenkins down the street and her cute little nine-year-old”
2:41:24Apple takes down video of WWDC booing at announcement of $999 monitor stand
2:44:20CBS native ad for Walmart; USA Today pushing Gardasil after Marcia Cross opens up about her anal cancer; CBS promotes vegan diet with white meat danger story