Call Clooney!

1143 Nance in the Hood (2019-06-02)

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0:00:00ACC: “Tiptoooe through the tulips, bop-bi-di-bop.” (0:49:54)
0:00:29ACC exit strategy: boost soccer in US with “good old-fashioned streaker” Kinsey Wolanski
0:05:20Julian Assange’s lawyer on his deteriorating health; idiot Joy Behar: Assange “hacked into the Democrats’ computers”, applause for Meghan McCain’s “I hope he rots in Hell!”; UN’s Nils Meltzer on Assange’s inadequate legal defense, dismal prospects for a fair trial
0:22:28Ray McGovern’s “copy onto a thumb drive” refutation of Russian hack meme; ACC skeptical about log data, tongue-in-cheek HomePlug theory; cyberattack as pretext for nuclear exchange
0:33:31Trump threatens Mexico with 5%, missed “pay for the wall” opportunity, Mexico’s Obama-era brutality toward immigrants on its southern border; “extremely stable genius” iso
0:38:22Hillary Clinton to deliver FireEye Cyber Defense Summit keynote; JCD edit of Mark Shields babbling about single-issue candidates like Kirsten Gillibrand; ACC imitates “comprehensive conversation” Kamala Harris; coward Harris chased off stage by “man bun” protester
0:50:13Stammering Elizabeth Warren dodges questions from New York 105.1 morning show about her “long ago” Native American claims, “cage after cage after cage” at the US-Mexico border
0:58:54Elton John preaches “the healing power of love and compassion” and spews hate at “stupid colonial imperialist English idiot” politicians in favor of Brexit (CotD); gay name “Sharon”
1:04:03Election oracle Allan Lichtman to CNN: Trump will win 2020 “unless the Democrats grow a spine”, “something Mueller did not opine on: possible collusion with the Russians”, JCD: “that’s what the whole report was about!”; CNN moving to 90-day billing cycle
1:09:04Tom Brokaw on impeachment preparations being “so much more methodical” in the 1970s
1:11:17Nancy Pelosi boasts “immodestly” to ignorant Jimmy Kimmel about her immense knowledge of the Mueller Report and Trump’s misdeeds, “how to explain that to kids in the hood?”
1:16:07Producer Segment: ACC on “the Dutch birthday experience”
1:33:45MSNBC Trump hater Donny Deutsch: “rebrand” impeachment as “criminal investigation”
1:39:04“Former military intel officer” Luis Elizando to Tucker Carlson on government holding UFO debris: “I really have to be careful of my NDA”, “public benefit corporation” To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science promo video and upcoming Men In Black: International
1:48:22Virginia Beach public works shooter DeWayne Craddock “subdued and taken into custody” and “killed in the shootout with police” in the same report
1:57:50Sarah Sanders botch: “the President’s number one responsibility is to protect Americans”
1:58:42Lawrence O’Donnell: “most Americans disapprove of President Trump … and always have”; Victoria Nuland expresses hope that while in UK Trump “will be imbued … with the challenge of maintaining this liberal world order that so many Americans and Brits gave their lives for”
2:03:16Donation Segment: No Agenda meetups vs flash mobs
2:15:02Mayor Lori Lightfoot spells out her vision to The Chicago Way podcast; San Francisco homeless building treehouses; Dr. Drew Pinsky predicts typhoid fever and bubonic plague in Los Angeles, mentally ill and addict population unwilling to accept low-income housing
2:25:40Bill Barr to CBS This Morning on his Twitter-free relationship with Trump, “everyone dies”; catalogue of Robert Mueller’s “failures” like Ted Stevens witch hunt; DoJ summary released due to unexpected omissions; “unknown governor” Jimmy Carter at 1975 Bilderberg Meeting
2:34:49Malaysian PM casts doubt on MH17 report blaming Russia, ACC’s Show 636 radar analysis; Russians and White Helmets in new Call of Duty game
2:41:01YouTuber Veritasium on radiation danger of Chernobyl and Fukushima vs tobacco smoke