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1142 Cornageddon (2019-05-30)

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0:00:00ACC: “Yeah you gave the machine just the amount of red meat it needed.” (0:32:34)
0:00:34#NoPlant19 rainfall “cornmageddon”, tornadoes competing with windmills and solar panels; Canadian climate change minister Catherine McKenna: “if you repeat it, if you say it louder … people will totally believe it!”; Nancy Pelosi explains “the wrap-up smear”
0:08:25Hillary gripes about “sexist trash” Pelosi video at Hunter College; Kara Swisher lies: Facebook refuses to relabel video “after Donald Trump tweets it”; Pelosi “self-fulfilling proph…”
0:16:16“Nine Minutes of Mueller” press conference: NewsHour on DoJ policy forbidding charges against Trump, “Mueller also acknowledged he had disagreed with some of Attorney General William Barr’s decisions in the release of the report” lie vs “we appreciate that the Attorney General made the report largely public”; investigation of “actions that could obstruct the investigation”; Alan Dershowitz on the pointlessness of the investigation; Mueller rationalizes investigation as necessary to “preserve evidence” and rides off into the sunset
0:34:30Prof. Jonathan Turley on Mueller’s dereliction of duty, “like Moses down from Mount Sinai”; Yamiche Alcindor on Trump’s “bring it on” attitude toward impeachment; smear campaign against Nancy Pelosi by overzealous Justice Democrats; MSNBC talking head: “you don’t have to be Rand McNally to see that roadmap” to impeachment; Joe DiGenova to WMAL: Obama spying originated in 2012, Christopher Wray “an enemy of the people”; Trump: “greatest hoax probably in the history of our country”; DiGenova on illegal spying by FBI contractors
0:51:54Joe Biden in 2013 on his cranial aneurysms: “they take a saw and they cut your head off” (BCotD); Kamala Harris proposes unconstitutional oversight by “my Department of Justice” over state laws, JCD: “we might as well elect Idi Amin”; Netflix threatening to boycott Georgia
1:00:08Producer Segment: ACC recommends “skip the line!” freelancers at the Vatican
1:15:19Producer note on one-kilometer daisy-chained power line network; ACC’s new UPS and Amazon affiliate deplatforming; JCD’s “Microsoft spyware alert”
1:25:13Bilderberg 2019 in Montreux Switzerland, attendees including potential 2020 candidate Stacey Abrams, Fair Fight Action “nonprofit” under investigation by Georgia ethics commission
1:36:47Jimmy Kimmel man on the street unable to read analog clock, Win Lose or Drone and Alex Jone’s Ride of the Valkyries; Yellow Vests Facebook group locked down before EU elections; Amazon purging mom-and-pop suppliers; Über enforcing social score on riders: “you can’t have sex with the driver either”; ACC’s sister Willow’s Bird scooter fine; Newark NJ ticketing drivers giving money to panhandlers, JCD compares homelessness in Austin and San Francisco
1:52:54Mastodon developer promises to block federation by Gab, ACC: “federation is the future!”
1:58:35Democrat Party adopts tougher standards to qualify for primary debates
1:59:25Big tobacco study links e-cigarette flavorings to risk of heart attack
2:01:31Donation Segment: ACC’s celebrity gossip with Joan Rivers; pig spleen meteorology
2:14:52Michael Rapaport’s rant against “dick-stain” Trump and “junkyard Jerry” Kushner
2:17:27Julian Assange too ill to appear in court, Pamela Anderson poison sandwiches theory
2:19:05Malaysia rejecting used plastic dumped by other countries; Trump finally irked at John Bolton
2:23:27Venezuelan third-quarter inflation at 130,000%; Tim Draper on Bitcoin vs fiat currencies
2:26:18NPR urges use of “fetus” instead of “baby”; Angela Merkel urges Jews to avoid yarmulkes
2:32:39John Bolton blames Iran for tanker and pipeline attacks, JCD: “false flag coming!”
2:33:55“Tic-Tac” UFO sightings, early 1960s high-altitude nuclear tests “Operation Fishbowl”
2:42:21Possible alien Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi still tap-dancing around impeachment