Call Clooney!

1141 Nadster (2019-05-26)

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0:00:00ACC: “Mwehh, get a gig man, then I can take, turn it into a drive!” (1:55:09)
0:00:35Asteroid 1999 KW4 with a “little bitty moon”, inflation-adjusted cost of Apollo program
0:04:41ACC discovers his dancing is like “one of those things outside of the secondhand car dealership … with praying mantis arms all over the place”; equipment rundown
0:11:04Theresa May’s tearful resignation announcement, “to serve the country I love!” iso; Jean-Claude Juncker bashes “stupid nationalists — they are in love with their own country”
0:18:20JCD’s “squeaky” clips of Judy Woodward and David Brooks; escalating war of words between Donald “family intervention” Trump and “crazy Nancy” Pelosi, incoherently gobbling Pelosi “three things” video tweeted by Trump; NBC diverts attention from “manipulated video” to “heavily-edited video”, “doctored video” talking point; Facebook spokeshole Monika Bickert to outraged Anderson Pooper on “internationally certified fact-checking organizations”, Pooper berates Bickert for “making money by being the news business” without censoring video
0:38:10JCD’s audio filtering issue affects Morning Joe crew propagating the Trump “pre-dementia” meme, Mika Brzezinski: Pelosi “sharp as a tack!”; JCD on Ron Paul’s word truncation habit
0:45:09Bill de Blasio’s “you’re look a little dehydrated, brother” to fainting Jerry “Nadster” Nadler; JCD: MIA Ruth Bader Ginsburg “could be in an iron lung for all we know”; Pelosi weasels out of committing to impeachment to Brzezinski; Need to Impeach “nothing happened!” ad
0:55:12Trump orders declassification of Russia probe origins, Loretta Lynch denies ordering Comey to call Clinton investigation “a matter”, Brennan & Mueller ultimately culpable; Trey Gowdy on withholding of exculpatory evidence for George Papadopoulos by FBI: “that ain’t good!”; Brennan making the rounds grandstanding on behalf of entire intelligence community
1:04:11Justice Department adds 17 espionage charges against Julian Assange within 60-day window, JCD: “where’s our jurisdiction here??”, Trump administration “get out of jail free” theory
1:13:34Producer Segment: Direct Appeal podcast; “worldwide recall” on tainted Trump jobs karma
1:32:20Trump administration proposes enforcement of 1996 law holding immigrant sponsors liable for benefits, Fox News’ clueless Martha MacCallum, “skin in the game” origin
1:37:25No Agenda Technology Lab observes HomePlug QRM on the amateur radio bands
1:41:20San Francisco businesses appropriating homeless trash heaps; Apple sued for selling iTunes data, Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988 amendment signed by Obama after lobbying from Netflix; producer note on Google resurrecting Men’s Wearhouse e-mails from spam folder just in time for funeral; JCD’s DEC Professional article on the unreliability of early e-mail
1:55:25Hoboken NJ plagued by Bird scooters; ACC Red Book: scooter-only parts of downtown Austin
1:59:44Adam Schiff’s Vaccines Save Lives Resolution; EU Pharmacopoeia Secretariat; Concord NH walks back warning after single case turns out to be vaccine reaction; CBS on ebola survivors acting as healthcare workers in Congo; China claims to have African swine fever vaccine
2:07:57BBC voiceover for war crimes documents from bogus Syria Justice and Accountability Center
2:14:00Former CIA disguise expert Jonna Mendez on three-name aliases
2:16:00Donation Segment
2:29:23Millennials suggest Twitch stream for Eurovision Song Contest commentary
2:30:48Nigel Farage attacked by feces-throwing primate with milkshake in callback to Pim Fortuyn
2:34:56Lindsay Graham in 1999 arguing for impeachment of Bill Clinton as “cleansing the office”
2:36:39BBC host demolishes Naomi Wolf’s forthcoming Outrages: Sex, Censorship, and the Criminalization of Love, “Thomas Silver committed an indecent assault on a six-year-old boy”