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113 Surviving The Swine Flu (2009-07-16)

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0:00:00JCD: (laughing) “Listen to us bitch.”
0:00:35Show time to be between 9:00 and 9:30 PST
0:01:01Hank Paulson being grilled by Committee, arthritic left pinkie
0:02:20Tony Blair’s wife Cherie suffering from swine flu, 50% jump in cases in one week, over-the-phone diagnosis in UK, JCD: “if you have a fever press one
0:06:44Former IBM employee Patrick Redmond: digital TV conversion to free up spectrum for RFID scanners, 865-868 MHz, European 2W chips, hospitals chipping patients, “bullshit” RFID dust
0:15:33Obama’s 250k private contractors in Iraq & Afghanistan, Blackwater & Triple Canopy, “privatization of war”; Obama never at White House, JCD: “maybe he doesn’t like the food there”; e-mail hyping Sonia Sotomayor; healthcare bill passes committee, 5% tax on millionaires
0:24:13ASCAP sues AT&T over ringtone public performance copyright
0:25:50Federal tax receipts down 30%; SEC’s Mary Schapiro grilled over attorney overseeing case married to Madoff’s niece and revolving door for lawyers, “here’s my dilemma, I need to get the best and the brightest to come to the SEC”, “haven’t figured out the correct balance yet”
0:32:44Christopher Booker on low temperatures in US and Canada, first June snow in North Dakota in 60 years; Australian Al Gore interviewer brings up British court finding significant “errors ind exaggerations” in An Inconvenient Truth
0:34:51UK probable source of recent cyberattacks blamed on North Korea, .kr vs .kp TLDs, Hillary Clinton CFR saber-rattling, .kp from 2007; green icon-changing for Iranians
0:37:47Monsanto jingle, new efforts to genetically engineer wheat; Argentinian farmers not all-in on on new GMO soybean variety, opposing legislation to allow re-planting
0:42:53British bishop proposing removal of holy water to prevent swine flu, JCD: “I think they should chlorinate the holy water”
0:44:19German article on toxicity of GMO corn to honeybees, white-nose syndrome in bats; toxin-resistant modifications and The World According to Monsanto; JCD proposes Modern Management Techniques Volume Six podcast title for office camouflage
0:49:10Campaign to overturn “suicide” of WMD whistleblower David Kelly, disappearing WMD book
0:52:36Crime vs hate crime, JCD: “just going out and shooting people is better”
0:56:06And Now Back to Real News: Egyptian hotel sued over 13-year-old Polish tourist’s pregnancy from “stray sperm” in swimming pool; Turin nun sues over naked Facebook photos
1:00:02Al Gore: climate bill will usher in “global governance”
1:01:18And Now Back to Real News: freemasons jailed in Fiji for practicing witchcraft
1:02:10JCD story: friend’s house grabbed under eminent domain for abandoned freeway project, Boulder case for hiking trail development
1:06:07Producer note on Lisa Jackson’s “Dunkin’ Donuts” example and CO2 from fermentation, chatroom “tax on yeast infections” joke; note on Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome, antigen & adjuvant “hamburger helper”; Kathleen Sebelius on $884M in vaccine ingredients contracts, Sebelius the Bilderberger, vaccine PSA video contest entries, 1918 flu survivors immune; Bilderberg attendee list
1:18:01Donation plea, “Agenda” discount code