Call Clooney!

1139 Mooch and Stoll (2019-05-19)

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0:00:30Intro to not-so-live ACC wedding show, podcasts adopting “broadcasty” season-episode numbering schemes, JCD: “just a few minutes before the wedding we’re doing this”, “evergreeny” interview with Anthony Scaramucci and “very excitable” astronomer Cliff Stoll
0:04:34Scaramucci interview: new book Trump, the Blue Collar President, no mention of Italian grandmother’s cooking or plastic furniture coverings, “Italian mama’s boy”; 14 years in hedge fund management, The Little Book of Hedge Funds book; interviews by adversarial Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher
0:13:00Trump’s “unnatural level of charisma” and uninhibited style, “supernatural capacity to not get sleep” and consume beef Wellington, weight “not 239” pounds; “I like my heroes uncaptured” from 2000 interview with Dan Rather; surfing metaphor, disbelief at plan to run for president; “level of guilt” among Silicon Valley billionaires; role as White House hatchet man vs Steve Bannon & Reince Priebus, catastrophic phone call with New Yorker reporter, description of Bannon as “a Harvard-educated cuck draped in contemporary hobo”, Priebus a “cesspool operator”; rebuilt Oval Office and bugging; New York Times hit piece and tax code, insider op-ed a “cockroach survival note”, eight-page circular against Trump during election
0:42:59Oliver Stone’s Wall Street vs The Wolf of Wall Street; Barack Obama “the Jackie Robinson of American politics”, “slam dunked” by Obama on CNBC town hall; $150k for Bill Clinton speech at SALT Conference; Trump and Paul Ryan “strange bedfellows”
0:53:53Hunt & Fish Club restaurant on 44th Street inspired by John Gotti
0:54:38Quick takes on Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner, Trump hater John Kelly, Ivanka Trump, Steve Mnuchin, Michael Flynn, “total liar” Michael Wolf, friend Sean Hannity, Robert Mueller, “sanctimonious” James Comey, George Papadopoulos, Trump’s sons, Hope Hicks, Omarosa Manigault, Scott Walker, “great guy” Dr. Phil, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi; assistant Rhona Graff and body man Johnny McEntee; respect for John Brennan, MSNBC “fairer than CNN”; Mitt Romney’s ill-advised anti-Trump speech
1:05:40Eight-year recession cycle vs tax stimulus; new book written with air travel in mind
1:08:24Donation Segment: bloody Al Gore Skype screen; donations on hiatus until next show
1:11:19Stoll interview: “get some fresh air” editorials, one-hour TED talk in eighteen minutes; “throw ‘em out!” for computers in schools, Microsoft vs Shakespeare, increasing shyness among college students, creative ways to mow down phone zombies, definition of “friend”, Mad magazine “it’s crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide”, LinkedIn perplexity
1:30:06Thought experiment: “wipe out curiosity” with internet access, potential connection to teen suicide, snideness arms race, deliberation-free internet voting; successful day free of automobiles and screen time; no such thing as a “caring, kind, supportive” web site; creativity “the inability to copy” vs ubiquitous copy-paste, “horrible PowerPoint talks”
1:47:49Analysis of incorrect prediction that e-commerce would fail, old-fashioned Star Market with prices 20% higher than the local Safeway; 1984 “the house likes you” story
1:59:15Prof. Rich Muller’s “nemesis” asteroid cycle theory, JCD advisor Kenneth Stampp’s The Causes of the Civil War, Stoll advisor Luis Alvarez’ “what’s that line for?”, 1986 presentation on forensic computing; computer security increasingly part of the specification; ARPANET “academic playground” vs weaponized malware like Stuxnet
2:20:22Prediction: voice telephony going the way of the fax machine due to fraudsters
2:23:03Outro: “Cliff loves to talk”