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1138 Pregnant Person (2019-05-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “What is the deal with luggage??” (3:01:44)
0:00:33Growing congregation in Austin for ACC’s wedding; “army of millennials laughing at you” and tuning the talking tube algos for “seemingly old men looking for nasty porn”, predictions of suicide by prominent YouTuber; Airbnb spying with Ring doorbells
0:12:28Felicity Huffman “had to plead guilty” to avoid 40 years in prison over admissions scandal
0:20:45New York Times accuses RT of attacking 5G that would “aid national security and spark innovative industries”, New Knowledge COO Ryan Fox; RT strikes back with NYT conflicts of interest with Verizon; JCD calls “bullshit!” on low latency claims; ACC parallels AM and FM radio with 4G and 5G, JCD’s home power line networking
0:39:58ACC notes millennial “compression culture” leading to utterance-ending with “bet!”, Google podcast player at 1.5x; Dutch kids sharing dick pics with strangers using AirDrop
0:45:31Ray McGovern in 2018 on Chuck Schumer’s “six ways from Sunday at getting back at you”: “this is J. Edgar Hoover on steroids”, inability of fingerprint technology to prevent robberies
0:56:41CIA recruiting at Awesome Con comic convention, Gina Haspel’s application letter
1:00:19Producer Segment: lost THX 1138 opportunity; ACC’s chipped I Love Weed mug
1:12:01Google foisting TLS encryption upon the world’s e-mail servers
1:13:31“Mysterious attacks” on ships near the Strait of Hormuz attributed to Iran, drone strike on Saudi pipeline, ACC theory of New York bathhouse blackmail by Pompeo and Bolton; mysterious State Department evacuation of world’s ugliest embassy in Iraq; Wes Clark Seven tour T-shirt idea, ACC: “Bolton just showed up with that mustache and said, remember this?
1:26:39Christchurch New Zealand residents getting visits from police over their political views, Christchurch Call to Eliminate Terrorist & Violent Extremist Content Online censorship initiative backed by the usual suspects in Silicon Valley, “open up the door, Jebediah!” revisited
1:31:51New Facebook Live one-strike policy; fake fact checker Factmata backed by makers of fake ad blocker AdBlock Plus; Google enforcing IP address trustworthiness, Helm private server
1:42:53Rizza Islam on California SB-276 replacing physicians with bureaucrats for vaccine decisions, LA “outbreak” consisting of one student; JCD’s California gullibility experiment theory
1:49:09Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez walks back her “world ending in 12 years thing” as hyperbole; “Green New Deal!” chant at Sunrise Movement rally; Bill Nye’s “safety glasses off, motherfuckers!” rant with globe and blowtorch on Last Week Tonight; Canadian Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna screeches about the “climate emergency” in Parliament; millennial Moon landing skepticism; climate activists protesting at Andrew Cuomo’s office to protect “New York waters, public health, safety, democracy, and the climate”
2:06:12Donation Segment: JCD interviewee Cliff Stoll’s Klein bottles
2:23:35California woman beaten to death with Bird scooter; 18 in Jewish gift numerology
2:27:13Scottish MPs pushing for Brexit do-over over “fraudulent campaign” with sounds of reptilian death rattle; American version of Eurovision Song Contest in the works, ACC: “fail!”
2:35:48Two Florida counties “hacked!” prior to 2016 election, absurdity of Governor Ron DeSantis unable to identify them due to “disclosure agreement”, ACC proposes ban on term “hack”
2:40:44DoJ recovers thousands of Strzok-Page texts FBI failed to produce, suspicious “database” on phone; Joe DiGenova predicts prison for the likes of John Brennan, Laura Ingraham: “wow!
2:48:53Amy Goodman on Alabama abortion law exceptions for the “pregnant person”
2:58:02Chinese “clapback” tariffs potentially affecting “luggage, electronics, and toiletries”