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1137 Contempt Kabuki (2019-05-12)

Show 1137 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Pay a buck to get a dime back, whooo!” (0:29:31)
0:00:33ACC struggling with headphone feedback; Mother’s Day Newsletter promotion
0:03:37Eurovision Song Contest commentary by drunk Terry Wogan and Logo “campy gay guys”
0:10:29Rep. Louie Gohmert gripes about “attempted coup” against Trump; John Kelly to Bloomberg: Trump family “an influence that has to be dealt with”; Victoria Toensing on FBI’s attempt to entrap George Papadopoulos with $10k in 2017; compilation of Democrat reactions to Eric Holder’s “contempt kabuki”; compilation by JCD of Mark Shields spluttering incoherently
0:26:42Tucker Carlson all-in on Andrew Yang’s vision for US VAT “where then the American people would get a tiny slice of every Amazon sale”; ACC Red Book: popularization of women’s soccer; JCD on trying to get VAT back from rude French official
0:38:19History of Joe Biden’s botched presidential bids; Obama administration “dragged” into supporting same-sex marriage; Beto O’Rourke getting ready for Rachel Maddow and The View; Elizabeth Warren foolishly turning away from free tuition to breaking up tech giants
0:47:39Rep. Brad Sherman seeks to outlaw bitcoin “so that we nip this in the bud”; Trump in 2011 proposing tariffs on Chinese goods: “and I could say … listen, you motherfuckers, we’re gonna tax you 25 percent!”; JCD all-in on Chinese products manufactured in Vietnam
0:56:59Pro-Maduro Code Pink occupying Venezuelan embassy in Washington; former State Department Tom Shannon to NPR on litany of US failures in Venezuela; Turning Point USA video of young Venezuelans directly addressing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez against socialism
1:08:33Producer Segment: the diverse trio of artwork, title, and “opening giblet”
1:19:51Cartoon attempts to explain the three-ring circus of European Parliament elections; refugees being dumped on Greek island of Samos without food or sanitation, radio play of translated reactions from nearby villagers: “they have 800 diseases!”; JCD on American colonies seen as “too big to manage” in the 1700s; mass resignations at censored Dutch newspaper
1:35:37CBS omits crucial identity of toxic reformate spilled in Houston barge collision, JCD: “if you boil the channel, the stuff will come right off”, residue in hexane extracted cooking oils, ACC all-in on sorghum syrup at breakfast, JCD all-in on American delicacy of maple syrup
1:43:45Jussie Smollett off Empire for good; Bernie Sanders and AOC calling for USPS banks similar to Dutch postgiro system; George Soros lookalike Cecile Richards misses Amy Goodman’s “four women” for 2020 gaffe leaving out Tulsi Gabbard
1:51:22European parents urged “it’s never too late!” for MMR vaccine; sighs of relief in Alabamae; local news reads Google reviews of San Francisco doctor under investigation for issuing , bizarre “we can’t have measles spreading rapidly through a school”
1:59:18San Francisco teacher being treated for cancer required to pay for her substitute
2:01:02Jeff Glor’s poignant goodby to his crew, improbable replacement Norah O’Donnell, JCD on flub-free Asian news models; USS Abraham Lincoln ready for Persian Gulf false flag
2:11:24Donation Segment: new usage “wrote Atlas Shrugged
2:28:14Producer note on stealthy Iranian diesel submarines
2:29:49Alyssa Milano calling for Lysistrata sex strike, chaos in Alabama Senate over abortion bill
2:37:51Boeing insider Patrick Shanahan nominated Secretary of Defense
2:38:44RT’s epic “corporate totalitarianism” introduction for Matt Taibbi and his book Hate Inc.
2:41:43French protesting arms deal with Saudi Arabia; Yellow Vest protests continuing
2:45:10Price fixing lawsuit against manufacturers of generic drugs; Chelsea Manning released