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1136 Spy Slut (2019-05-09)

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0:00:00ACC: “The Chinese are stealing all the toilet paper!” (2:17:03)
0:00:32M5M pundits still asserting Mueller Report clearly states there was collusion, “Constitutional crisis” meme; Andrew Napolitano on Bill Barr’s advocacy for mass surveillance; Joseph diGenova on “spy slut” Azra Turk sent by Brennan and Comey as a FBI honeypot to entrap George Papadopoulos; Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner finds it “shocking!” that Barr should be required to break the law by releasing unredacted document; idiot Sheila Jackson Lee: Trump “exerting executive privilege over every aspect of life”; stammering Nancy Pelosi: “he lied to Congress”
0:18:31“America in denial: Gabor Maté on the psychology of Russiagate” video on Trump as a traumatized child, the US tradition of meddling in elections worldwide
0:28:30ACC calls Steve Pieczenik during his Zumba class, hilarity at recent trio of e-mails, bumbling John Bolton acting too slowly with planes on the tarmac, “it’s about China”, renewed strife between Serbia and Kosovo a “mousetrap” for the Chinese
0:37:54C-SPAN explains weird House “move to strike the last word”; Nadler “noo!” iso
0:40:21Bald and Bankrupt YouTube channel on “we will buy hair” signs in Moldova; producer note on natural hair in legal profession and interviewing woman “with a nose ring and an unshaven mustache”; ACC’s wedding DJ enthuses about being “the only black man in Austin Texas”
0:50:15Justin Trudeau interprets victory of second Green Party MP Paul Manly in by-election as proof that Canadians are “preoccupied about climate change”; polls of Democrats indicating climate as top concern; Scientific American showing Republican parents flipping
0:56:26UK electricity from 0.0% coal; Der Spiegel broken-down windmills; “climate crisis” meme
1:02:08Producer Segment: ACC taking secrets of podcasting to his grave
1:19:48Idiotic LA Times questions whether royal baby will be raised black
1:22:26Bookmakers’s 2020 odds; Andrew Yang’s State of the Union “PowerPoint!” chant
1:30:06Pamela Anderson’s visit to Julian Assange in prison, ACC vows to get an interview
1:33:12David Cay Johnston on Trump Rotation “he’s broke” meme: “after Bernie Madoff, arguably the greatest wealth destroyer in American history”; history of failing Las Vegas casinos
1:38:43“The real Tonight Show” Joe Rogan tackles lack of assertiveness in Tesla autopilot, reduction in frequency of “oh crap” moments leading to complacency
1:44:42Producer notes on Highlands Ranch Colorado shooting: ammo availability, transgender shooter, graffiti-covered car, fanaticism for STEM charter school in converted warehouse without security or counselors; “mental health! chant; JCD recommends John Hersey’s The Child Buyer
1:51:15Alan Dershowitz rebuts Napolitano’s obstruction claim: “the act itself has to be illegal”
1:56:02Texas battery-operated scooter bill likely to cause fatalities; PBS on Über strike interfering with $91bn IPO and nonexistent “billions in profits”; Google I/O takeaway: AI within Android, ACC predicts university course in map reading; Baltimore city government brought to its knees by ransomware; NBA commissioner Adam Silver gripes about social media isolation
2:13:30Donation Segment
2:23:37Vaccinated!” jingle; Germany proposes $2,800 fine for the unvaccinated; Robert Kennedy Jr. thrown under the bus by his own family; list price requirement for prescription drug ads
2:31:50ACC OTG: Yahoo Mail error “554 message not allowed” censorship
2:34:45Democracy Now on Iran partially pulling out of 2015 nuclear deal; Admiral James Stavridis on deployment of USS Abraham Lincoln, danger from Iranian “diesel submarines”
2:41:36Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ mock garbage disposal dismay, JCD’s “bone crusher”