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1135 Miss Lawyer USA (2019-05-05)

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0:00:00ACC: “Are they hiring people on voice any more at NPR or are they just hiring anybody?” JCD: (falsetto)I don’t know!” (1:21:09)
0:00:37JCD’s ululation for Cinco de Mayo and grandson Theodore’s second birthday, ACC: “what does he call you?”, JCD: “ahh!”, EU Day and fourth anniversary of ACC-TtK first date
0:06:07Trio of bizarre techno-expert e-mails pushing Steve Pieczenik’s position on Venezuelan coup that “you should repeat to your viewers”; Juan Guaidó spokeshole Vanessa Neumann downplays recent setbacks to BBC: Maduro “won’t step aside to let the Constitution happen”
0:24:18California Sen. Holly Mitchell pushes for SB-188 “natural hair” bill; Lake County Florida teen Nicole Orr asked to change her “diverse” hair style to adhere to school dress code
0:29:04Miss USA 2019: winner Miss North Carolina Cheslie Kryst’s natural hair; JCD on California’s futile attempt to end appearance-based employment discrimination against people with “gauged ears and a bone in his nose”, hair vs headphones issue solved, Arkansas on diversity: “you don’t look like me so I am racist against you”, Nevada pivots on “the gun reform” to address mental health, New Mexico’s flamboyant Spanish pronunciation, North Carolina flaunts legal profession and millennials’ “inclusivity, diversity, and strength and empowered women”
0:50:20ACC on Netflix Knock Down the House Justice Democrats documentary, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez without makeup a dead ringer for CVC’s ex-boyfriend Juan
0:53:21NPR on Facebook deplatforming of “six high-profile extremists” including Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, and Louis Farrakhan, “snafu” of premature announcement; possible appeasement of Mastercard or preparation for cryptocurrency; JCD on John Doerr’s failed bicycle snow blower, Segways in glassed-in corporate offices, last-minute Google IPO buy-ins
1:07:13Producer Segment: automobile black box technology changes
1:20:42Squeaky-voiced NPR reporter on criminal trial of Insys Therapeutics executives, douchebag hip-hop video, host’s “wow!” for former exotic dancer on sales team, up to 20 years in prison for racketeering conspiracy; Amy Goodman’s report a preview of NPR millennial’s voice
1:28:16If You Catch the Measles You Will Die jingle; potential exposures at Avengers: Endgame, Merck cranking up production; 667 cases in 2014, NPR “just get another dose!”, “the issue really is unvaccinated children”; producer notes on costly titer tests to prove immunity; Stephen Colbert: “this might be the scariest news I have ever heard!”, blames Russian trolls
1:39:29Accelerating ebola and violence against health workers in Democratic Republic of Congo; JCD on underreported African swine fever “pig ebola”: “it will spread from a ham sandwich”, 2015 presentation: “global disaster” if it spreads to China, ACC: “can you get it as a ham radio operator?”, JCD on rinderpest in cattle, “this could cause a revolution in China”
1:53:51Google “warming twice as fast of the rest of the world”; James Hansen’s 1988 sea level prediction revised to exponential model; Ted Kaczynski predicting ubiquitous geoengineering
1:58:30Vice Media’s $250M in Soros money; whipsaw-laden hit piece on David Icke
2:04:33Donation Segment
2:19:17Drunk or not drunk Joe Biden compilation; “only in San Francisco!” iso from dead raccoon in McDonalds video; Maxine Waters impeachment rant compilation
2:25:21New Brexit strategy: Vote Leave overspending; Guy Verhofstadt: Nigel Farage’s salary the biggest waste of EU resources; ACC’s buddy Frans Timmermans in line to become EU Führer
2:33:37Stephen Moore disqualifies himself for Federal Reserve Board by suggesting rate cut; ShadowStats’ John Williams predicts recession