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1134 Opinion People (2019-05-02)

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0:00:00ACC: “Ohh, uh, I need, we need discovery, so people can discover, discover shows!” (1:05:55)
0:00:34Debate over quality of William Barr’s testimony; Jerry Nadler irked by Barr’s refusal to answer questions from staffers; chaos in House Judiciary Committee with Nadler ignoring objections from Republicans hollering “mister Chairman, I move to adjourn!”
0:07:39Brian Williams & Nicolle Wallace break in to call Lindsey Graham and William Barr liars, new “collusion does not exist in federal code” meme; Barr explains exoneration: “the job of the Justice Department is now over”, defends use of the word “spying”, dud question from Dick Durbin about waiver for 1MDB money laundering, odd “people should jump me if I’m wrong”, Amy Klobuchar’s shameless self-promotion; Michael Mukasey schools idiot Chris Cuomo on how the government works: “we don’t sprout a new branch of government!”, CNN audience “getting smaller by the minute”; Cuomo’s WikiLeaks lie “it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents” — “because he’s an idiot and that’s what his handlers told him to say”
0:36:17Chris Wallace irked at “opinion people” at Fox News for downplaying Mueller’s letter to Barr, Fox morphing to the left due to advertising model; CNN ratings down another 26%
0:42:20Producers irked with “exit strategy” jokes; JCD proposes album art wallpaper; wildly varying estimates of Mueller Report’s cost; Spotify and Pandora out of ways to increase revenue
0:48:28Joe Biden downplays competition from China, who “have this great division between the China Sea and the mountains in the east, I mean in the west”; Hillary to Rachel Maddow: Russia should exfiltrate Trump’s tax returns, “let’s get the Chinese in”; comedian Jordan Klepper discusses crowdfunding with Hillary and half-dead Bill, JCD: “she’s running for office”
0:57:12Compilation of left-wingers railing against Electoral College; JCD reviews its “load balancing” role against “the tyranny of the majority”; Pelosi “Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit”
1:02:43Producer Segment: JCD envisions Notre Dame with a casino and roller coaster
1:37:51CNBC idiot on Church of Scientology cruise ship quarantined off Saint Lucia over measles case: “one person can infect up to eighteen other people”, not-so-subtle slam on religion; NPR outrage over The Brady Bunch measles episode, actress Maureen McCormick “furious” over not getting a piece of the action; JCD’s HPV vaccine challenge for vaccine fanatics; “fifth disease” erythema infectiosum; Merck’s upbeat quarter due to MMR demand; CDC blames measles cases abroad, ACC predicts border vaccine checks, suggests blaming illegal immigrants
1:55:19ACC: no one fooled by neocon shenanigans in Venezuela, JCD: “huge botch”; Mike Pompeo to Brolf on Guaidó arrest scenario, “it’s unacceptable to allow sick children not to be able to get their medicine”; Democracy Now on Harvard-educated elite Leopoldo López
2:06:20One America News on Syrian White Helmets staging fake chemical weapon attacks
2:08:57Donation Segment: Canadian producers conclude Trudeau is on drugs with “Canades”
2:29:12Producer note on privately-owned license plate readers serving repo and credit companies; JCD’s ticket for expired tag in Oakland Airport parking lot; ACC’s address and phone number dossier, FedEx drivers avoiding doorbell cameras, Mimi alarmed by Ring video of herself
2:35:54Fox Business News: “glitch” interferes with multiple airlines
2:36:37Reuters lies that Extinction Rebellion protest is “Britain’s biggest civil disobedience protest in decades”, idiots threatening to withhold debt payments over “apocalyptic scenarios found in peer-reviewed climate science”; Chuck Schumer ignoring screeching protestors outside his office; Beto O’Rourke looking to partner with oil and gas industry in “ten years that we have left to us”, disappearing Obama cadence and circulation cut off by tie