Call Clooney!

1131 CHUD (2019-04-21)

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0:00:00ACC: “No, he’s lazy, he’s lazy, he doesn’t do it right!” (0:26:11)
0:00:35JCD’s observation train cars and phone zombies; media avoiding naming names in Sri Lanka Easter bombings; no egg cartons on the walls of the “Curry Coop” yet
0:07:49CNN & MSNBC taking Mueller Report as vindication of fake news; Trey Gowdy on obstruction of justice: “I hope we have not gotten to the point where thinking about doing something is a crime in this country”; Trump’s lack of paper or electronic trail, Susan Rice’s odd “by the book” e-mail to herself; Donna Brazile lies “this report goes into deep analysis of what happened”; NPR: Assange “falsely tried to pin these attacks” on Seth Rich; William Binney on NSA’s 32 classified pages about Seth Rich and Julian Assange; Reddit troll bugging JCD
0:22:59Chuck ToddCast obsessing over Trump’s lack of fundraising: “he’s not working the circuit the way Obama did”; Hari Sreenivasan: Trump “again claimed” there was no collusion; Twitter shitstorm over Mar-a-Lago “Southern White House”; James Clapper’s contradictory “taint the election” meme; CBS: Elizabeth Warren “first major presidential candidate” calling for impeachment, JCD: “Beto O’Rourke is out!”; spot the spook with “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg
0:42:16Gina Haspel admits to spying on Americans at spook school University of Auburn: “CIA does play a role in tracking lone woof style attacks”, agency’s female-centric leadership; Mike Pompeo reminisces at Texas A&M “we lied, we cheated, we stole!”
0:49:23JFK Airport employee Ying Ling pleads guilty to routing packages for Chinese military
0:52:27Body double theory for Julian Assange hauled out bodily holding Gore Vidal: History of the National Security State book; Glenn Greenwald irked by clueless NPR interviewer’s introduction as Assange’s “colleague”, edited comments on criminalization of journalism
1:00:57Yellow Vest protestors irked by elites offering up their riches to restore Notre Dame, Belgian architect Wim Delvoye enters design competition, “glitch” blamed for causing fire
1:05:53Producer Segment: Oregon Local 33; JCD reflects on the history of Ch√Ęteau Montrose
1:23:56Kony 2012 revisited; Leonardo DiCaprio’s donor-advised foundation behind vulgar Disney-style celebrity “Earth” music video by Lil Dicky for Earth Day, autotune “my anus is huge”
1:37:27Judge rules James Cook University unlawfully fired Prof. Peter Ridd for questioning dodgy Great Barrier Reef research, “the reef is in fantastic shape”; CBS hysteria over recent pollen count “the highest of the year”; NOAA finds first part of 2019 the coldest on record
1:50:50CBS polls shows 65% of Americans in favor of marijuana legalization; Golden Gate Park 4/20 celebration; “pooping is free speech” in San Francisco
1:55:25Wes Clark Seven revisited; Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir overthrown and arrested
2:00:03CBS on impeachment push among 2020 candidates; All In The Family live reboot; ACC on BlacKkKlansman Trump hate memes
2:09:13Donation Segment: CHUD Christian Homeschooled Uneducated Dummy; Atlanta Local 404
2:23:59Egyptians voting to extend el-Sissi’s rule; Hungarian State Opera performs Porgy and Bess with cast identifying as black; giant pothole saves victim of elevated heart rate
2:27:36Treating ADHD with electrode patch on forehead; 57k flu-related deaths
2:30:22Where in the World Is Victoria Kagan Nudelman: Albright Stonebridge Group
2:31:40Bill Clinton heckled “Bill, this is boring, why don’t you talk about Jeffrey Epstein?
2:32:47Judge rules Flint residents may sue EPA; global warming obsessed Gina McCarthy revisited
2:37:26Dominican Republic retroactively stripping Haitian migrants of birthright citizenship; elites buying up Caribbean islands; John Fletcher “Mueller!!” screams