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1130 Troll Union (2019-04-18)

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0:00:00ACC & JCD: Creepy laughter
0:00:36Rachel Maddow “now it’s Mueller time!” for next round of Trump-bashing; Brian Williams: “Bill Barr has decided his legacy, he is fine with his legacy being the AG who took one for the team” (CotD), Nicolle Wallace: “no legal presentation presents its conclusion six times … I know a little bit about that having been a political messenger all my career”; CBS predicts redaction feuding; Trump mocked for his Notre Dame fire tweets
0:10:00Steve Pieczenik attributes Notre Dame fire to false flag initiated by Emmanuel Macron: “we have here a country of miscreants”, “miracle” of important relics being moved one day prior to fire; Shepard Smith ordered to cut off “elected official” Philippe “Philippay” Karsenty when he alludes to desecration my Muslims: “not now, not on my watch”; Neil Cavuto cuts off Catholic League president Bill Donahue with “we don’t know that!” lie, “we cannot make conjectures about this!”, JCD: “have you ever listened to Fox??”
0:29:12Paris fire department delayed by 90 minutes, renovation short circuit speculation, difficulty of igniting solid oak, misdirection due to “computer glitch”; JCD recommends Chartres Cathedral, describes claustrophobic trek to roof, churches vs cathedrals, ISIS not taking credit
0:50:15Jason Kenney beats Rachel Notley in Alberta general election, David Khan on carbon
tax plan that allows taxpayers to “make money when they have tax rebates and tax cuts”, Kenney and Notley squabble over energy policy; Finnish “climate election”; Alberta schools outing students affiliated with gay-straight alliance clubs; toxic waste from mining neodymium for wind turbines; 10% rise in Texas gasoline prices, 10% inflation rate
1:08:25Bernie Sanders economic advisor Stephanie Kelton explains Modern Monetary Theory: government “can spend more and take in less at the same time and still end up all right”
1:14:22Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert on Bitcoin’s reserve currency and $100k future
1:17:20Producer Segment
1:31:58Unhinged homoerotic innuendo with Alex Jones and YouTuber Logan Paul; Instagram meme producers unionizing, ACC: “there should be a troll union, by the way”
1:40:11Media pushing MMR vaccine booster to increase immunity to 93% to 97%; ABC “concerning and scary” propaganda: “or, go right ahead and get the shot!”; WCBS “no vaccine no entry”; NPR on “several pockets around the country” of Orthodox Jews, “oh, super super contagious!”, nonsensical “communities need about 93, 95% of everyone vaccinated in order to really stop these outbreaks”, two doses for “full protection”; hysteria over Israeli flight attendant in coma; JCD’s 2011 Law & Order measles manslaughter, “expires with deadly consequences” pitch
1:57:58Six-Week Cycle: panic in Denver over suicided teen Sol Pais obsessed with Columbine shooting and “red flag” law, police spokeshole with John Brennan cadence; C-SPAN caller asks about Six-Week Cycle in 2014; Columbine survivor Michelle Wheeler on terrorizing her daughter
2:09:41Michelle Obama compares Trump administration to “divorced dad” to Stephen Colbert
2:11:31Donation Segment; ACC tangling with fire ants
2:27:07JCD itching to get his hands on high-end Gimlet Media equipment after bankruptcy
2:28:59“Antichrist” Raggedy Ann Greta Thunberg addresses EU Parliament about “end of our civilization as we know it” in 2030, ACC’s, “permanent and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society”, “astronomical amounts” of CO2
2:38:1723-year-old clip of Nancy Pelosi talking points; compilation of Fox News bitching about Obama
2:45:41Jimmy Kimmel Pete Buttigieg pronunciation fails; media obsessing over his ad potential