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112 The Doomsday Box (2009-07-12)

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0:00:00JCD: “Uuuughhh!
0:00:38ACC’s UPC internet customer service woes; ACC all-in on WiMAX modem; “fline swu” predictions and Jackson family gravitating toward murder theory
0:05:50News of the World tapping celebrity and politician cell phones, David Cameron’s communication director Andy Coulson former editor, million-pound Rupert Murdoch settlements; stolen Goldman Sachs “Doomsday Box” software, Israeli origin, Sergey Aleynikov arrested at Newark Airport, rapid-fire stock trading, code given by Joseph Edward Mirken to Bernie Madoff, “heart attacked”, JCD on Murdoch parallel with Tomorrow Never Dies, Wall Street “fourth branch of government”
0:15:35Federal Reserve refuses to identify bailout recipients; H.R.1207’s prospect of dying in committee; New York Post article on Cass Sunstein, “chilling effect” on internet, Ministry of Truth White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, “rapid spread of damaging falsehoods via the Internet”
0:22:55EPA cleared to create greenhouse gas legislation, Lisa Jackson grilled by John Barrasso on “political calculation” in CO2 Clean Air Act regulation, internal White House “smoking gun” memo, Charlie Munger carbon credit market “monstrously stupid” to CNBC, Jackson finding “mandated by law” lie, “endangerment finding”; Christopher Booker on “closing down virtually all of our economic activity”, Al Gore being sued by 30k scientists; Jackson on not regulating “schools and hospitals and farms and Dunkin’ Donuts”
0:41:00Say No to the Vaccine jingle from YouTube; National Vaccine Information Center honeypot theory, lack of donation page, registered in Virginia; JCD you will obey! jingle; ebola strain detected in pigs in Philippines; producer note on Buenos Aires swine flu propaganda
0:48:46Bill Gates hurricane-stopping patent application; ACC on 9/11 hurricane, HAARP weather control; $18M makeover by Smartronix through 2014, “best value for the taxpayer dollar”, board all in law enforcement, expensive logo, USAID economic hit men, ACC: “more than three million lives saved or created every year”, “oral rehydration therapy”
1:07:59Draconian Bush surveillance program, JCD: “when do they indict somebody?”
1:09:43Dmitri Medvedev’s mock-up of Orwellian “unity in diversity” global currency
1:11:40Donation Segment: Mormon storable food; Red Cross two-person survival kit with one mask
1:16:23“United in diversity” official EU motto; Dutch Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin announces automatic alerts for travel to countries popular with pedophiles