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1129 Banging My Gravel (2019-04-14)

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0:00:00JCD: “The files are still alive, they’re alive!” (1:24:16)
0:00:33ACC closing down the cludio after next show, getting calls from USPS supervisors
0:02:44Alastair Campbell: Brexit “people’s vote” do-over needed because “the lies that were told in 2016”, “that is the reason why it is democratic to have another vote”; JOE autotune Nigel Farage (I’m Gonna Tell) 500 Lies propaganda song for end of show
0:13:44PBS on Trump’s bogus offer to pardon Kevin McAleenan for closing US-Mexico border; State Department funded religious NGOs shipping asylees everywhere cheap labor is needed; childish threat to “dump” illegal aliens on sanctuary cities; Juli├ín Castro harps about “the cruelty of this administration”; Jeffrey Toobin calls migrants “a pestilence to spread”, “illegal immigrants, or undocumented citiz, undocumented people, whatever term you wanna use”
0:25:18“Upstanding citizen” hip-hop artist Nipsey Hussle’s Fuck Donald Trump, shot by Eric Holder
0:29:01Right-wing hysteria over Rep. Ilhan Omar’s CAIR banquet 9/11 “some people did something” taken out of context; Omar claims victim cred over hospitals and schools in which “you can’t have the access that you need because someone doesn’t recognize you as fully human”, nonexistent schools where “when Islam is mentioned we are only talking about terrorists”, cheers for “make people uncomfortable”, “CAIR was founded after 9/11” lie, JCD: “CAIR was founded in 1994!”, Rajneeshpuram Oregon and The Wealth of Cities book; Katie Hopkins warns about Muslim political takeover and Ilhan Omar’s sinister post-election transformation; ACC on CVC and her girlfriend not holding hands in public in Rotterdam with Muslim mayor
0:48:08Admiral James Lyons in 2015 on Islam as “political movement masquerading as a religion”
0:58:26Producer Segment: free Mueller Report audio book
1:29:37Newsweek’s Seth Abramson explains his role as conspiracy theorist “curatorial journalist” to Bill Maher, incomprehensible Trump “Nixon tape” with subtitles
1:35:49Producer note on local TV reporters taking stories from newspaper headlines; James Clapper contrasts WikiLeaks and “responsible media” in allowing spook agencies to call the shots; PBS on Jeremy Corbyn’s warning against extradition of Julian Assange, JCD predicts assassination attempt; Mike Pence’s and Chevron-Ecuador Lago Agrio oil field lawsuits, Assange’s knowledge of DNC e-mail source, Chelsea Manning’s forgotten helicopter gunship footage
1:48:40James Comey protests “the FBI and the Department of Justice conduct court-ordered electronic surveillance, I have never though of that as spying”; producer note on Executive Order 12333, John Brennan in the crosshairs, een kat in het nauw maakt rare sprongen
1:52:38“Like-minded lifestyler” Lulu Ramadan to Rachel Maddow on tenuous connection between Trump inaugural ball and dodgy casino operation
1:57:51Steve Pieczenik excoriates the late DoD Office of Net Assessment head Andrew Marshall
2:08:12Maxine Waters and Steve Mnuchin squabble like petulant six-year-olds over scheduling: “I believe you’re supposed to take the gravel and bang it”
2:14:22Donation Segment: no ACC-TtK wedding cake-mushing
2:25:22Israeli Moon mission “glitch”, “their big goal was to be the first nation on the Moon”
2:30:13Harvard alumnus Mark Riddell pleads guilty to taking placement tests for $10,000 each
2:32:04Angelic Initiative “that’s true!” girl explains psychic horse healing, ACC: “I think she’s legit!”
2:38:43Mea culpa for previous show’s Stephen Cohen misidentification; foul-mouthed Abby Martin
2:43:21Bill Maher all-in on millennial birth strike, “1.7 times the resources” meme, coded “that’s what we should be shooting for: to make every day look like a Jewish holiday in Los Angeles!”