Call Clooney!

1128 Tactile Nuke (2019-04-11)

Show 1128 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Julie-on! Call Julie-on!” (0:36:26)
0:00:31April 21 show to be in ACC’s new studio, MIA siren whistle unearthed
0:02:07Gayle King on “shocking” footage of “Julie-on” Assange being hauled bodily from Ecuadorian embassy; distraction from Bill Barr’s statements about possibility of FBI spying on Trump
0:09:15Barr reviewing investigations into Trump campaign surveillance hearkening back to Vietnam-era FBI shenanigans: “I think spying did occur”; M5M shitstorm compilation: “dog whistle that was audible to all species”; compilation of 2018 M5M reactions to Trump’s spying claim
0:16:50“It’s all part of the Hillary coverup operation” e-mail from IT provider Platte River Networks
0:19:20Weimo encourages ACC to delete inaccurate tweet about death of pedestrian in Arizona
0:22:15Obama not wearing his wedding ring in Berlin with Angela Merkel
0:23:44Theresa May omits a small detail mentioned by Donald Tusk: “the UK will also have the possibility to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit altogether”; Come and Brexit song
0:28:52CBS “long-debunked” meme for Trump spying claim, warrant to “monitor” Carter Page; Victoria Nuland’s Steele dossier entanglement; nonsensical “undermine Mueller” meme
0:37:00Zionist Organization of America’s Morton Klein demonstrates his Tourette syndrome vocalizations; ADL’s Eileen Hershenov: white supremacists “will call, they will look at the genetic inferiority of people that are not white”; Klein points out “fine people on both sides” distortion
0:44:25Candace Owens irked by being played out of context: “I think it’s pretty apparent that Mr. Lieu believes that black people are stupid”, “you didn’t listen to what I said” to Rep. Jerry Nadler when reprimanded for a nonexistent utterance; unprecedented witness list editorial
0:53:10Theresa May announces “duty of care” crackdown on social media free speech
0:57:38Rep. Pramila Jayapal on her gender non-conforming daughter and duty “to legislate our behavior towards all people”; Texas “Free to Believe Act” or “gay cake” law
1:04:47Producer Segment: $1 album art blocked by Twitter; JCD’s squeaky chair in Show 157
1:21:32Vaccine skeptic Dr. Christian Bogner in last show’s rubella story, follow-up letter to Detroit Channel 7; Mayor Bill de Blasio announces $1,000 fines for unvaccinated residents
1:32:00Linguist Deborah Tannen gives a pass to audience-centric code switching by politicians
1:38:33Justice Democrat’s “modern monetary theory” of unrestrained money printing, JCD: “I trust the Federal Reserve!”; Family Guy “I’m a douchebag!” iso
1:42:39RT millennials on proposals for solar geoengineering with sulfur dioxide chemtrails
1:46:06Millennial woman blames Trump for making Jews anti-Semitic, “I believe that Jews and all people deserve to be safe”; mournful Angelic Initiative “that’s true!” interlude
1:55:52Facebag “truth taskforce” made up mostly of women, “they are fearless, they are fierce”
2:00:34Donation Segment: TtK’s wedding GoPro; crowdsourced No Agenda Player tags
2:12:55Insulin rationing due to big pharma price gouging; hospital pricing based on insurance payouts
2:18:58ACC blames HAARP for blizzards in US Plains and Midwest, JCD: “maybe it’s just for fun”
2:20:57C-SPAN caller’s “to me he’s a crook!” iso; Finland “known for its fish, obviously”
2:23:36Trump firings as “workplace violence incident”; TtK’s daughter’s food service hiring nightmare
2:27:38Kirsten Gillibrand voices opposition to “tactile nuclear weapons”; “Oops, I did it in the wrong place” as Nancy Pelosi signs bill in Mike Pence’s space, idiotic one-letter-per-pen signage
2:30:47Stephen Cohen Andrew Klavan credits Mollie Hemingway with identifying the Trump Rotation
2:33:24Brussels halts 5G rollout, pushback in Moraga CA, CNET shill Ian Sherr’s bullcrap “download a movie within minutes” meme, FCC’s regulation monopoly, Chinese 2.6 GHz “5G”