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1127 Netherlindian (2019-04-07)

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0:00:00ACC: “This is not an opening segment, by the way.” (0:48:53)
0:00:33Torrential rain at Ronald McDonald House Bandana Ball; “GPSageddon” week rollover
0:04:46Media hysterical over Trump’s dumb ad-lib at US-Mexico border “our country is full, our area is full, the sector is full”, in-context “the system is full”; PBS on Trump appearing before Republican Jewish Coalition meeting to “repeat his claim” of “our country is full”, wait times at border due to partial shutdowns; JCD on Mexico’s former hard-ass reputation
0:17:23Julian Assange dragged into Trump Rotation with rumors of expulsion from Ecuadorian embassy; JCD questions US authority to extradite Assange with underage sex tourism parallel
0:29:05Amal Clooney appointed UK Special Envoy on Media Freedom under Jeremy Hunt
0:32:45US revokes entry visa of International Criminal Court chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda
0:33:32Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s pathetic “release the report!” chant; JCD goes undercover at El Cerrito rally with on-site sign makers, “shoot Trump!” wacko, disheveled Bernie supporters and angry Hillary minions; ACC explores diminutive Kamala Harris’ “too much hair”
0:44:37Chelsea Handler to Bill Maher on “everything being destabilized” with her family issues after Trump’s election, ACC on occasional hysterical notes from producers in crisis
0:55:34Climate change “dire warning” compilation with ominous music
0:57:39Producer Segment:; Al Sharpton “mint tulips”
1:21:52Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tries out her “blaccent” at Sharpton’s National Action Network conference: “I’m proud to be a bartender, ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!”
1:29:33John Amos on butting heads with Norman Lear over his stereotype Good Times character
1:32:34Fundamental design flaw in Boeing 737 MAX trim adjustments
1:37:42Steve Bannon on Xi Jinping laying out “the Chinese strategy of world domination” to standing ovation at Davos World Economic Forum, “the world’s economic and financial elite have no moral standing”; Emmanuel Macron considering referendum to placate French Yellow Vest protestors, last referendum in 2005 over EU Constitution ignored; JCD on Proposition 9 three-state referendum nixed by California Supreme Court
1:46:47Theresa May scrambling to come up a new Brexit proposal, pro-Brexit MP Jacob Rees-Mogg proposes vetoing EU budget in order to be “as difficult as possible”; MP David Lammy lies “Russian interference is beyond a reasonable doubt” in Brexit vote
1:52:48“Health scare” over rubella diagnosis connected to Detroit auto show, peculiar “stop calling measles a disease”; National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program’s $4bn in payouts including attorney fees and negotiated settlements with no causality finding; Robert Kennedy Jr. on Merck’s Gardasil HPV vaccine: “one of the greatest boondoggles in history”, links to infertility and depression during clinical trials, “do not let your little girl ever take this vaccine”; Merck sending Gardasil to UPS distribution centers; “pre-cancerous” marketing gimmick
2:06:46Donation Segment
2:14:28FDA sounding alarm over seizures from heavy “Juuling”, “vaping rehab” meme
2:16:46University of Kentucky capitulates to hunger strike for “food insecure” students
2:18:25Tucker Carlson theorizes that Trump is trying not to get reelected; California gas tax hikes and Dutch Kwartje van Kok; Carlson’s unaired altercation with Dutch historian Rutger Bregman
2:28:26Second Half of Show: 9/11 nuclear theory in four-hour YouTube video with Dimitri Khalezov
2:35:11Dumb man on the street video “Netherlindian”; University of Kansas to offer “Angry White Male Studies” class for fifteen students